Saturday, February 27, 2016

What is Alpha Blue?

I really like Alpha Blue. It sets out to be a sleazy retro-science fiction/porno rpg and it does so
perfectly. It's sophomoric and lewd, but that's what makes it work. This game will definitely offend some sensibilities, but then again if it didn't I'd wonder what the Hell was up.

So what is Alpha Blue exactly? Well, the book is a few things.

First and foremost, Alpha Blue is a simple but fun d6 system sci-fi system. If you've read +Venger Satanis other games, Crimson Dragon Slayer and The Outer Presence, then it should be very familiar. Like Venger's other works this one includes random charts galore. 

The book then describes a space setting that's very familiar to sci-fi fans. There's a Federation, jedi-like mystics... well just about anything you can think of. The artwork shows this too. I've got to say, I love all of the artwork homages. Finally, we have Alpha Blue itself, the titular space station/brothel.

I can't recommend Alpha Blue to everyone, but if you want to play if a sleazy sci-fi sounds like it could be fun to you, then definitely check it out. Even if you don't use Venger's system, this O5R book could easily be used as source material for something like White Star

I should also point out that we are in the final 24 hours of the Girls Gone Rogue kickstarter, which I discussed here. Even if you don't back the kickstarter, check out the updates for some cool (and totally free) ship designs.

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