Sunday, June 4, 2017

His Flesh Becomes My Key Review

The Outer Presence is the eldritch-pulp investigative game by +Venger Satanis.  The initial release contained rules for play and an adventure. This was followed by the adventure A Green Jewel They Must Possess. The latest offering in this line is His Flesh Becomes My Key (which the chaos lord himself gave to me to review).

The module comes in at 18 pages and has a rather disturbing cover. I like it and it fits quite well. Honestly this is the type of thing that gets into my head way more than some tentacled monstrosity. Well played, sir.

The intro begins with the state of the world. Our world is on a fault-line and at times the Great Old Ones can influence our reality. The discussion of what this affect has reminds me of one of my favourite underrated flicks, In The Mouth of Madness. Which makes me ask, do your read Sutter Cane?

I really like this adventure but don't want to say too much about it out of fear of spoilers. The characters and scenes are memorable as is the twist, which gives this one nice replay-ability. The adventure is very adult, but not in the over the top sleaze way of Alpha Blue. It's dark and infects your mind. The prose is vivid and evocative.

Basically if this adventure was a movie, it'd probably be one of my favourites.

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  1. Thank you for the review and high praise, Justin! Yes, In the Mouth of Madness was definitely an inspiration. ;)