Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Revelry in Torth Review

Revelry in Torth is an OSR adventure/sandbox by the mad sorcerer +Venger Satanis (who judging by artwork seems to be an immortal wizard).

The tome is a mini sandbox/city that gives DM's lots of new toys to play with.

Torth is set in the fifth age. What you need to know is magic and technology flourished in previous ages, humanoidkind's robotic servants sought to rise up, and to stop the revolt powerful wizards magically nuked the world.

As far as tools go, we are presented with two new classes. The Shadow Priest gains dark umbra powers from devotion to the less bright areas of the nebulous realms outside our own. The Wandering Minstrel is a cool, non spell-casting bard. Their abilities are pretty useful and have cool names, my favourite being Fingering the Spanish Guitar aka Spanish Fly which makes someone who would normally be attracted to the minstrel full of red hot passion. The book also gives us nine magic items (my favourite being the Devil's Tooth) and five spells (including the awesome Creeping Crimson).

We are presented with the scorched planet of Torth and various bits of info about it (including an outline of the ages). Venger also introduces us to the tribes and secret societies of the world and gives us insight into magic (and a nifty and dangerous magic drug).

The adventure/sandbox itself takes place in and around Aryd's End. We are presented with some backstory, stats for important npcs and their secret forces, and a classically awesome random rumor table. What follows is a rough plot and random characters to get your party's adrenaline pumping and blood spraying. There is enough here for multiple sessions and it's definitely not a railroad situation.

If you want a nice sandbox for some Heavy Metal or Conan inspired action, Revelry in Torth is just what you need.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed this one. Thanks for the review, hoss!