Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Save Yourself From Hell Review

Liberate Tutemet Ex Infernis...

Save Yourself From Hell is the newest adventure by +Venger Satanis for Alpha Blue. I was provided with a review copy and now I'm going to tell you scruffy nerf herders what's up. The title is a reference to one of my favourite sci-fi and horror movies, Event Horizon.

Like most Alpha Blue releases, Save Yourself From Hell starts with a few new rules. We get a new official profession rule. Basically characters can pull of a cool non-game/story breaking profession and related stunt without rolling. They get the ability back when when they roll Satan (triple sixes) or do something that is both over-the-top awesome and in-character.  The second new rule is about emotional trauma and re-opening old wounds (a theme of the adventure). This isn't something I've thought about in the sometimes silly and absurd universe of Alpha Blue, but it's a cool addition and adds depth. Character can verbalize their inner trauma and steal the spotlight.  I dig the idea.

The basic premise is the characters must travel to the Hell's Cluster and reach the Eye of Asmodeus to find out what happened to a starship. None of these things sound perilous, right? In the adventure you will find a mix of crazy incidents, movie homages (which let's be honest is one of the big reasons we love Venger's work), space truck stops, horrific encounters, kung-fu madness, and the dread lord Cthulhu! Seriously, one of the headings is "Shooting Lasers With Cthulhu." Oh and there's Sir Matey. He is one of my new favourite npcs. I'm a cat guy. Sue me.

The pdf is 20 pages long and will probably only take a session if your group is the "shoot first, who needs backstory" type. However, if you've got roleplayers that really like to dig into things, the adventure will take multiple session. Some aspects of this adventure feel more like Venger's work for The Outer Presence, than Alpha Blue. Still, it has a nice amount of the sleaze and sci-fi goodness we've come to love and expect from Alpha Blue. You should buy Save Yourself From Hell asap.

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