Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Ash Wednesday - Deadites for Crimson Dragon Slayer

+Venger Satanis saw my Swords & Wizardry Light/Light City Deadite post and thought Crimson Dragon Slayer could use some too. I whole heartedly agree!

Side note, if you haven't checked out CDS, you can do that for free by going here. It's good stuff.

Health: 25 Armor: 2 Attack: 2d6

Special: Deadites don't' necessarily kick the bucket when reduced to 0 health. They only way to kill them is to burn or dismember them. If these things do not happen, the deadite will come back with full hit points in 30 minutes (or whenever the Dragon Master wants). Anyone bitten or clawed by a Deadite has a 50% chance of being possessed by a deadite. If the infected area is severed or cut away within a minute, the possession is stopped... though you know you still might die from all the fucking blood loss. If this doesn't happen, you're pretty much screwed and will become a deadite (hope you know what you want your next character to be). While it is possible to exorcise a deadite from a mortal, it is extremely difficult (you know unless you buy Dragon Master some good booze or pizza). .

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