Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Battle Star: Trek Wars Review

Battle Star : Trek Wars is the newest and (potentially) last Alpha Blue release. This book is 76 pages of wonderful sci-fi sleaze. There is a standard version and printer-friendly version of the book plus you get a nice map of Ta'andor Galaxy. The artwork is the space opera meets sleaze that I've come to expect and appreciate about Alpha Blue.

The book starts with short story and then leads into some new rules and updates to Alpha Blue. GM's are no longer Space Dungeon Masters. No, now they are officially Bold Dungeon Space Master's. It's cheeky and I like being a BDSM. Want to try a new method of character creation? We've got that too with the new 7 Words and Phrases alternate method. We also get some alternate combat rules for folks that don't want to role damage. This is also useful stuff and a nice set of alternate rules for the elegant system of a more civilized age.

This is followed by 28 pages of random tables. They are a blast and super useful. What kind of tables you ask? Well, we get reasons to keep combats short but entertaining, adventure ideas, adventure rewards, unusual npcs, and fat Alpha Blue loot. There are several more charts, but these are the ones I find the most useful. Oh and the orgasmic surprise chart is fun. The pre-adventure section ends with a discussion of Alpha Blue's strange crypto-currency, MeowMeowBeenz.

What follows are four short scenarios. I won't go into much detail because I don't want to spoil things. I Wear My Heart On My Sleaze is a memorable adventure that forces the pc's to get laid at a party or die. Emergency Escape Sequence Delta Cream finds the pc's caught up in a mystery and confrontation with the Federation. Outer Rim Jobs of Ta'andor sees the player encounter an eclectic groups of scum and villainy while on a job that will turn their fortunes around. Panty Raid on Palyrus 5 is what it sounds like given the context of Alpha Blue: players raid university planets for space panties.

Battle Star: Trek Wars is a fun book. If you're a fan of Alpha Blue, definitely pick this one up. While I know the game will live on, I'm a bit sad at the thought this might be the last Alpha Blue book. That being said, if it is Venger is definitely going out on a high note.

You can grab  your copy of Battle Star: Trek Wars here.