Tuesday, April 3, 2018

C is for Curse of the Undead (1959)

These stats can be used with my pay what you want rpg, Six-Shooters & Wagons.

Synopsis: After the death of her father and brother, Delores, hires a mysterious gunslinger, Drake, to help. However her dearest friend, Preacher Dan, suspect the mysterious stranger is more than he seems.

The Good: I love the weird west. Horror and westerns go together like homemade biscuits and gravy in my book. I really enjoy that Drake's vampiric nature is drawn from folklore, not Hollywood tradition. This movie definitely came from a simpler time, but I enjoyed it.  

The Bad: Take the vampire element away and this is a standard B western. Also, because of the era and such, its just not scary. If you're wanting to see some blood-drenched vampire cowboy action, this is not your movie. 

The Ugly:  While this isn't an issue for me, if you don't like watching black and white films, you won't enjoy this one.

In Your Game:  

Drake Robey
AC 6 [13]      HD: 5   Attacks: Slam (1d6 damage) or Pistol (1d6 damage, range 60') Move: 12

Unlike more common vampires (if such a thing exists) Drake is unaffected by sunlight. Drake will regenerate 1 HP a round, even if reduced to 0 HP, unless the damage was done by silver, fire, blessed items, or magic. Drake was cursed to be a vampire by his suicide and does not have the ability to turn others into vampires.

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