Wednesday, April 4, 2018

D is for Drink With The Living Dead

Ghoultown is a pretty cool weird west based band. Drink With the Living Dead is probably my favourite song, but I enjoy it all. Bury Them Deep is probably my second favourite.

For Your Game
These drinking rules supplement the ones listed under Hooch in Six-Shooters & Wagons

Every time a character takes a shot of liquor are finishes a beer they must make a saving throw. If they fail the saving throw, the receive a -2 penalty on all attack rolls, skill checks, and non-fear related saving throws. If they continue to drink they must make another saving throw for each shot/glass of beer they drink. If they fail any subsequent saving throws they pass out.

Different types of alcohol have different added penalties to the saving throws.

Beer: no bonus
Rot Gut: -1 penalty and drinker throws up if saving throw is failed
Whiskey: -2 penalty
Moonshine: - 3 penalty

Finally if you're using a weird west variant of Six-Shooters it should be noted that Lingerin' Dead can get drunk (at least the demons in side them can). However, because of their undead constitution, they get a +4 to all saves while drinking.

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