Wednesday, April 18, 2018

P is for Pistolero

Here's a new class for Six-Shooters & Wagons.

In your hands shooting irons tend to do things that defy reality. Maybe it's magic? 

  Level                      HD                           BHB                         Save

1                              1                              +0                            15

2                              2                              +1                             14

3                              2+1                         +2                            13

4                              3                             +3                            12

5                              4                              +4                            11

6                              4+1                         +5                            10

7                              5                              +6                            9

Pistoleros know how to use pistols and hold outs. They also know how to bludgeon folks with them in melee (doing 1d3+strength bonus damage)

Quick Draw: Gunslingers are faster than lighting on the draw. When determining initiative, the gunslinger's party gains a +1 bonus. This bonus increases by one at 3rd and 6th level.

Trick Shot: Once per day per level you do an impressive shooting display (such as shooting the top off a bottle of whiskey or putting a whole in a cowpokes new hat without braining him). This shot may not be an attack, but it also doesn't require a role to succeed. 

Ignore Cover: By aiming carefully and letting bullets ricochet can reduce the AC bonus given by cover. At first level you can treat one fourth cover as if the target had no cover. At 2nd level you can treat half cover as one fourth cover. At 4th level you can treat three fourths cover as half cover. Finally at 6th level you can treat full cover as three fourths cover.

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