Wednesday, June 6, 2018

5th Evolution: Plug and Play Genre Books for 5e Kickstarter

5th Evolution is a new, ambitious Kickstarter project for 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons. Follow this link to read a nifty comic that gives the gist of the project. There are three books for this Kickstarter, though judging from the website, other genre books are in the works

. This time around we have World War 2, Super Heroes, and 80's Horror.

Each book in the project will be a graphic novel-sized soft cover. They will all have the same style and be broken down as follows:

  • The Comic - Each book opens with a comic that you can share digitally to prep your characters for the upcoming game. It will introduce the genre and setting, and is a hook to get characters invested.
  • The Adventure - The comic is followed by a one shot adventure, with pre-gens, that picks up where the comic left off.
  • The Source Guide - This section gives the GM the monsters, obstacles, and other genre rules. Basically it gives you the tool kit to make your own genre adventures. It also gives the players new equipment, archetypes, backgrounds, and such.
Here's a break down of what's in each genre book:
  • WWII
    • Setting: North Africa in 1942, players are a part of a tank crew (can include supernatural elements if you like)
    • 4 American WWII soldier archetypes
    • Period specific vehicles and equipment,
    • Customizable foes
  • Super Heroes

    • Setting: Present day Cobalt City
    • 13 of the city's worst super villains
    • Customizable non-super enemies
    • Future tech equipment
    • 10 character archetypes
  • 80's Horror
    • Setting: The small town of Woodhaven in 1985
    • 10 horror movie monsters from the 80's
    • Customizable non-monster threats
    • 6 teen hero archetypes and six variants
    • Variant rules for younger characters

To be honest, it really is the supers genre book that sold me on this. I've been thinking about a supers style 5e game for a while and this seems perfect. The others sound pretty interesting, but its the capes that sold me. That being said I'm sure there will be all sorts of content from the other books I can use in my games and who doesn't love a super who's originally from the WWII era fighting zombies and cultists?

If you're a fan of 5th edition D&D and want to spice up your games, you should back this project too.

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