Sunday, July 4, 2010

Punverse - Heroes of the Five Cities (Part 1)

One of the differences between our Earth and the Earth of the Punverse is that LA and San Fransisco don't exist in the Punverse. They have been replaced by Five Cities, a consildated city created by the basic merging of the fictional cities Neuava Toledo, San Andreas, San Dios, Los Lobos, and the subterranean Titan City and their suburbs. The heroes of the area are known as the Five City Saints, an intentionally ironic name. The team doesn't really have an HQ and is a loose affiliation.


"This looks like fun."

Reveler (Real Name Unkown) - Reveler claims to be the daughter of Loki (and he's never denied the claim). Clad in an everchanging jester's outfit, Reveler dispenses justice and wisdom through chaos and humor. She always hints at having unique powers, but no one knows if she's even a paranormal. Reveler fights with her custom set of juggling pins (made of Xaos matter) and various gadgets. The six-armed simian Spider-Monkey is always at her side.

Powers/Equipment/Abilities: Xaos Matter juggling pins, various martial art styles, various gadgets, possible powers
PL: 10
Source/Archetype: -

"Eek eek, ook ook."

Spider-Monkey - Not to be confused with the Rumble Squad's aquatic simian, Sea Monkey, Spider-Monkey began his life as an ordinary primate, until he was captured by scientists working for Dane Industries. His DNA was combined with that of the brown recluse and other poisonous spiders by the villianous doctor, M.O. Reau. The process also increased his intelligence, which enabled him to escape. He was found by Reveler, who's become his closest friend.

Powers/Equipment/Abilities: Six arms, infared vision, poisonous bite, prehensile tail
PL: 5
Source/Archetype: -

"For the horde, dude."

MMO (Jeffrey Pardo) - Many natural metahumans find that their powers first manifest during times of extreme stress. This was not the case for Jeff. An avid player of the Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game, World of Neverquest, Jeff became frustrated that he could only play on one server at a time. This frustration caused his latent metahuman powers to manifest and he found himself sitting beside... himself. Excited by the possibility of being a real hero Jeff began to train and test his abilities. Now calling himself MMO, Jeff can now "Summon the Horde" as he calls it and make numerous duplicates of himself to fight crime with.
Powers: Some martial arts and weapon training, self duplication
PL: 9
Source/Archetype: Instant Superheroes pg 23 - "Duplicator"

"I like this pizza substance."

Gaea - The being known as Gaea is one of the newest heroes in Five Cities. The androgynous plant/elemental based hero is actually a sprout from the World Tree, Yggdrasil. He was discovered by Professor Alex Moore of San Dios University. On a hiking trip the professor found a mysterious seed in the Lobos Mountains. He placed the football-sized seed in the univerity's green house and made sure it recieved the nourishment it needed. To his amazement, the seed sprouted and turned into a small child. Moore kept his discovery secret, but decided to raise the child, whom he named Gaea, as his own. In a years time the seed had grown to the size of an adolescent. A lover of the International Hero Video television channel, Gaea has decided that he wants to become a superhero. Gaea posses the mystical earth stone, which gives him geokinetic powers as well as the ability to sheath himself in stone. He knows that their are three more stones (each coresponding to one of the other cardinal elements) and he believes that becoming a superhero will help him find them.

Powers/Equipment/Abilities: Earth Stone (Geokinesis), Temporary life support, regeneration
PL: 10
Source/Archetype: Instant Heroes pg 25 - "Sentient Plant"

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