Friday, August 31, 2012

N.E.R.D.Corps Rising - Spoiler Alert

I love Mutants and Masterminds. I love Nerdcore Hip Hop. Why not combine them? I've already posted a M&M version of Mc Frontalot (the godfather of nerdcore), but I've decided to do another version of him. In addition to Frontalot, I'm also doing supers write-ups for Beefy (my favorite), Mc Lars, Adam WarRock (whom I'm going to see in concert tonight), and despite the fact that I really don't like him anymore mc chris (or Mr. Ward as many former fans refer to him). This write-up and the ones that follow will all be roughly PL8. I may even do a write-up of their superteam, N.E.R.D.Corps.

Spoiler Alert aka Mc Frontalot - PL 8

Quote: “You say I ruin everything for you, well it’s mutual.”

Strength 1, Stamina 3, Agility 2, Dexterity 2, Fighting 4, Intellect 8, Awareness 5, Presence 4

Eidetic Memory, Equipment 1, Fascinate (Expertise: Music), Improvised Tools, Inventor, Jack-of-all-trades, Skill Mastery 2 (Deception, Expertise: Music)

Close Combat: Unarmed 6 (+10), Deception 4 (+8), Expertise: Literature 6 (+14) Expertise: Music 6 (+14), Expertise: Popular Culture 6 (+14), Perception 4 (+6), Persuasion 6 (+9), Technology 6 (+14)

Secrets from the Future (Senses: Precognition (4) [4 points], Enhanced Dodge (10) [10 points], Enhanced Parry (10) [10 points])

Charisma Potion (Enhanced Presence 10, Fades [10 points)]

Initiative +2
Unarmed (FrontAlotKnucks) +10, Close Damage 2

Fame: Mc Frontalot is the godfather of nerdcore hip hop and self-proclaimed “world's 579th greatest rapper.”

Zero Day: Spoiler Alert often receives glimpses of possible outcomes and realities. The most disturbing of these is a potential future in an artificial intelligence leads the machines of the world in a revolt. Stopping this is one of his primary goals in life.


Dodge 12/2, Parry 12/2, Fortitude 7, Toughness 5 (Ballistic)/3, Will 10

Equipment: Headlamp, FrontAlot Knucks, Multitool, Undercover Shirt

Power Points
Abilities 54 + Powers 34 + Advantages 8 + Skills 22 (44 ranks) + Defenses 8 = 126

Background: Damien Hess is the birthname of Mc Frontalot, the godfather of nerdcore hip hop. Shortly after his career began Frontalot was caught up in a conflict between Doctor Tomorrow and a rogue time elemental. During the conflict Front was bathed in chronal energy. This unlocked his latent mutant gene and gave him glimpses into potential futures. One of these futures was a horrible world in which man was ruled by the machines of the Foundry. Determined to stop this future from happening Frontalot confided in his fellow nerdcore artists (many of which were metahumans or extremely gifted mundanes). They banded together to form a secret alliance, N.E.R.D.Corps. Frontalot is the unofficial leader of the group.

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