Saturday, October 6, 2012

Porcelina and her Marionette Men

I can't help it. I am a sucker for tragic love stories. In Green Ronin's "The Pirate's Guide to Freeport" there is a pirate legend that is both horrifying and tragic, the tale of Porcelina. I plan on using her in my AGE of Freeport game, so I decided to stat her up.
Selina Armand was a beautiful privateer that sailed the waters around Freeport. Many men wanted her, but Selina's heart belonged to a quiet toy maker named Robert. During one of her travels she contracted a horrible wasting disease. No cure could be found, so her dearest Robert made a bargain with a demon. He would make a doll for Selina's essence to be transferred in to, then demon would turn it to flesh and blood. The demon had other plans. Waking, and possessing inhuman strength, Selina went mad, killed her beloved Robert, and fled into the night. 

She sails the seas to this day. In her madness she's convinced herself that her Robert is still alive. She constantly is "reunited" with her lost love, but once she realizes it isn't Robert, she kills the man, and turns him into one of her marionette men. She still sails the seas around Freeport aboard her ship, Robert's Regret, as the dreaded Porcelina.

0              Communication (Leadership)
1              Constitution
2              Cunning (Navigation)
5              Dexterity (Acrobatics, Light Blades)
2              Magic
3              Perception
4              Strength
3              Willpower

Combat Ratings
 16 Speed, 45 Health, 15 Defense,  Armor Rating 3

Weapon               Attack Roll           Damage
Last Kiss                +7                 1d6+7
Throwing Knife       +7                 1d6+4    


Favored Stunts
: Knock Prone and Lover’s Embrace (see below)

Immortal: Porcelina is immortal. While she can be killed (and her ship and crew) will return on the next full moon. The only way to permanently put Porcelina to rest is to somehow convince her that Robert is dead (or find some way to reunite her with her dead lover).
Lover’s Embrace: Porcelina can make a crippling attack as a special stunt for 3 SP. The target suffers a –2 penalty to attack tests and damage, and has their Speed halved. The penalty to attack tests and damage expires after three rounds, but the movement penalty persists until the target is able to take a breather.

Porcelain Flesh: Porcelina’s magic hardened porelain skin gives her an armor rating of 3.

Touch of Madness:  Porcelina has been made insane by her ordeals. She automatically passes any Willpower (Morale) test she is required to take.

Weapon Groups
Light Blades

Last Kiss (see below), 5 Throwing Knives

Last Kiss

Selina's unholy transformation also affected her trusted rapier.The infernal energies and Selina's sorrow have imbued the blade with magic essence. If the blade deals as killing blow the wielder immediately regains 2d6 health. 


Marionette Men
0              Communication
1              Constitution
1              Cunning (Navigation)
2              Dexterity (Light Blades)
1              Magic
3              Perception
2              Strength
1              Willpower

Combat Ratings
 8 Speed,  24 Health, 14 Defense,  Armor Rating 5

Weapon               Attack Roll               Damage
 Rapier                    +7                        1d6+5
 Throwing Knife      +7                        1d6+2   


Favored Stunts
: Pierce Armor, Skirmish

Marionette  Flesh: The marionette men have magically infused flesh. There artificial flesh is stronger than Porcelina’s but it also makes them slower and less dexterous.

Touch of Madness:  Porcelina’s touch on the Marionette Men has left their minds broken. They  automatically pass any Willpower (Morale) test they are required to take.
Weapon Groups:
Light Blades

Rapier (DA Set 2), 5 Throwing Knives


  1. Very cool and creepy, I may use a version of this someday. Thank you (and Green Ronin) for the inspiration.

    1. Thanks.I'm still very new at this so I reskinned and combined some things. Porcelina started out stat wise as a Shriek from DA Set 2 (I wanted a quick elite opponent). Then I added focuses that made sense (and fit with the human mariner background from the Backgrounds of Freeport pdf). All of her powers (except immortality) are renamed powers from various monsters. I think she'll be fun and creepy to use.