Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Mayhem - AGE System

While I didn't get to stat up monstrous fowl for all of the systems I wanted to, I have created monsters for AGE, Dungeon Crawl Classics, and B/X. Maybe next year I'll write up some new monsters/npc's for Mutants and Masterminds, Unisystem, and Mutant Future.

To my fellow Americans I'd like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and give you warning, beware the Gluttonous Gobbler.

Gluttonous Gobblers
3             Communication (Bargaining, Deception)
5              Constitution (Drinking)
2              Cunning (Demonic Lore)
2              Dexterity (Beak)
6              Magic
3              Perception
4              Strength
4              Willpower

Combat Ratings
 12 Speed,  50 Health, 12 Defense,  Armor Rating 5

Weapon               Attack Roll            Damage
 Beak                     +4                       1d6+4


Favored Stunts
: Pierce Armor, Gluttonous Aura (special)

Demonic  Flesh: The mystical energy that infuses the demonic turkey give it an Armor Rating of 5.

Gluttonous Aura: Gluttonous Gobblers can perform a special Gluttonous Aura stunt for 4 SP. All enemies within 6 yards take 1d6+Magic penetrating damage as the Gluttonous Gobbler absorbs their essence.

Spellpower 16, Mana 45

Flame Blast, Mana Drain, Weakness

Dragon Age: Gluttonous Gobblers, otherwise known as Festival Feasters, are fowl possessed by Hunger Spirits from the Fade. They are commonly found in Ferelden. Despite their animal appearance  the creatures are quite intelligent and delight in corrupting mortals.

Other Fantasy: In other fantasy settings Gluttonous Gobblers are demonic servants of the Gobbler

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