Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Crawl! No. 9

If you play DCC RPG, you've probably heard of Crawl! It's advertised in the back of the core book. If you aren't familiar, it's a DDC fanzine created by awesome Dak Ultimate.

I'm ashamed to say that though I thought it sounded cool, I hadn't picked up any issues before. This issue (issue 9 if you couldn't figure out by the title of the post) is primarily made up of the 0-Level funnel adventure, The Arwich Grinder. This story is a Lovecraft-esque story pitting unsuspecting townsfolk with good intentions against a cultist family (the same family they set forth to save).  The adventure is an entertaining read and I hope to get to run it soon.

There's also a two page short encounter that is brilliant and nasty. 

If you play a grim or dark fantasy game these could easily be adapted. I have no problems seeing these ran for something like Lamentations of the Flame Princess.

This issue impressed me and I've read many reviews so I plan on picking up a bundle of the first 8 issues when I get paid.
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