Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Feasting with the Vampire Queen

I've toyed around with several different ideas for my birthday celebration this year. The one that seems most fun though is to get together with my old gaming group and do an all day one shot with themed foods and alcohol.

I'm going to run +Mark Taormino's The Hanging Coffins of the Vampire Queen. While the adventuer is for OSRIC, I'm going to run it using D&D5. The adventure is written for 8+ 10-14th level characters. Taking this into consideration and looking over these playthrough post at The Other Side blog, I've decided that my group will be making 15th level characters. At best I'm going to have six players (including Amanda who shares a birthday with me and may get perks because it's her party too).

Since we're playing the Vampire Queen module, I'm extending the theme to include D&D and vampires. If anyone has any good suggestions for food and drinks let me know. I've come across a few online already.

Dracula's Kiss (or Vampire Queen's Kiss in the case)
Blood-filled vodka shots
Edible Fireballs
Tavern Stew
I may look through a Harry Potter or Game of Thrones cookbook for some more fantasy-esque foods. I also want to hit a thrift store to see if I can find some goblet/chalice looking cups and I want to definitely grab a few bottles of mead.


  1. Hit the Halloween stores online. I picked up some skull-goblets that were perfect for it.
    Here they are: http://www.spirithalloween.com/product/se-skull-goblet/, mind you when I ran it it was with some teenage boys.

    for music, avoid the cliches like the Dracula sound track. Go for something like The Runaways or The Cramps. Lady Neeblack is a punk rock girl!

    1. I was thinking Castlevania soundtracks for some background music, but I do like your suggestions. I might add some of Brody Dalle's music in the mix (whether it be solo, The Distillers, or the Spinnerettes).