Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Created

As I mentioned previously, last week I picked up The Created

"Beware what you wish, for it might come true" is an old Vistani saying. In the small town of Odiare, a toymaker has wished a puppet to life - only this puppet is not a friendly, playful toy. It is a thing of evil, bent upon killing all the adults of Odiare. When the player characters are trapped within this town, Maligno the puppet and his animated toys begin to hunt them down. The PCs' only chance for escape is to defeat the mad marionette.

Designed for characters 2-4, The Created is a solid horror adventure and yet very simple. The party enter the cursed town and begin to investigate the strange goings on. The evil toys of the town then switch bodies with the pc's. This is a nice twist. The party (as animated toys) must break out of the toymakers shop and recover their bodies. Finally the pc's must confront the mad puppet, Maligno.

The adventure was originally written for 2E Ravenloft, but could easily be altered to other editions. I'm thinking about using it in the OSR game that I will run one day. It seems like a nice change from the typical hack and slash dungeon crawl.

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