Saturday, October 3, 2015

October Horror Movie Challenge - Late Phases (2014)

Synopsis: A secluded retirement community is plagued by strange deaths. When blind Vietnam vet, Ambrose moves to the community he becomes personally vested in putting an end to the murders (that coincidentally enough only take place when there is a full moon). 

The Good: Nick Damici is fantastic as Ambrose! I loved him in Stake Land and plan on adding a few of his other films to my viewing list this October. His portrayal of Ambrose is just so genuine. It's easy to see how a character with these traits could just chew up the scenery, but Damici's performance is top notch. His relationship with his son is well played as is his drive to get revenge against the werewolf that took so much from him. 

The Bad: The werewolves don't look great, but for a low budget horror flick, they're just fine. I can't really say anything bad about this movie. It just tied Ginger Snaps to become my favorite werewolf film.

Final Thoughts: I was expecting this to be Bubba Ho-Tep-esque. It's really not. It's a solid werewolf flick. The movie is also an interesting discussion of how we just sort of discard the elderly in our society. It can be seen in Ambrose's relationship with his soon and the way the police just sort of dismiss his concerns.

In Your Game:  I don't have any new stats for this one, but the premise would make a good cinematic unisystem episode or a Hunter: The Vigil session. A cast member's favorite grandparent is moved to a new retirement community. They find out there is something more than meets the eye going on and must investigate.

New To Me Movies Watched: 3
Total Movies Watched: 3

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