Monday, October 5, 2015

October Horror Movie Challenge - Sleepaway Camp (1983)

Synopsis: Introvert Angela and her cousin Ricky go away to summer camp. Angela is different and gets picked on constantly. Soon, her tormentors begin to be picked off one by one.  

The Good: The bee death scene was cool, not very realistic, but I liked the effects. Also the film has one of those death scenes that makes even a hardened horror viewer like me wince. The best part is that it happened to Judy, who in my opinion is one of the least likable slasher victims I've ever seen.

The Bad: Most of it? I like some slasher movies, but not this one. The acting was awful. The plot was silly and didn't make much sense. 

Final Thoughts: Had I not been aware of the twist, my opinion might have been a little more favorable. 

In Your Game: This one didn't really inspire many gaming thoughts. I guess you could go the slasher camp route in a Buffy or World of Darkness game.
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Total Movies Watched: 5


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    1. Maybe if I was in a different mood or had seen it back in the day I'd like it more.