Friday, October 16, 2015

October Horror Movie Challenge - Nightbreed: Director's Cut (1990)

Synopsis: Aaron Boone is plagued by horrifying nightmares about a city of monsters, Midian. He goes to see his psychatrist, Decker. What Boone doesn't know is Decker is a serial killer and plans on framing him for the murders. Boone is killed by brought back by the creatures of Midian. These creatures, the Nightbreed must team up with Boone to stop Decker and a group of murderous humans.

The Good: The sets and makeup are fantastic. Danny Elfman does a great job (as always) with the soundtrack. I love the subversive nature of the story. The monsters are the good guys (for the most part) and the humans are the bad guys (again for the most part). Also, I love Croneneberg as Decker. To me he seems like an alternate universe version of DC's Scarecrow.

The Bad: This movie gets a lot of hate. Some complain that it's to FX heavy. Some complain that the characters are too shallow or cartoon-y.

Final Thoughts: I counted this as half a new movie, because I'd never seen the Director's Cut. I've read the novella this is based on (Cabal) and I enjoy both.

In Your Game: This would make a great cinematic unisystem game (particularly if you are using Angel and maybe add some of the supernatural qualities from Ghosts of Albion). The game could be set in the new Midian. Or perhaps Boone/Cabal went messing and younger members of the Nightbreed must search for him.

New To Me Movies Watched: 15.5
Total Movies Watched: 18


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