Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Itinerant Gentleman Adventurers - The Party

Sunday was the inaugural adventure for my newest campaign. I'll post a bit about what actually happened in the session later this week. For now I thought I'd start by introducing the party, aka the Itinerant Gentleman Adventurers.

Valkorme Flametears (Human Witch Hunter)

The grim warrior, Valkorme, was once a young Purple Dragon Knight squire with much promise. Unfortunately his journey to knighthood ended not long after it began. Valkorme's father Morne, an able bodied Purple Dragon Knight in his own right, was framed for treason and killed. The only clue Valkorme has is a scrap of purple fabric. Being branded the son of a traitor, he was dismissed from the order. Sir Ambrose Huntcrown, castellan of High Horn and commanding officer of Morne, showed kindness to the boy and gave him a place to stay and guard work at the keep. However, consumed by thoughts of vengeance, Valkorme left the keep and spent a few years hunting for truth about the incident. This led him to apprentice with a stranger who taught him the ways of the witch hunter. Now promise of a new lead has brought Valkorme back to High Horn, where he will join forces with the scholarly Erevan and mischievous Alton.

Played by Stew
Alton De La Thistle (Lightfoot Halfling Rogue)

The swashbuckling verbose Alton De Le Thistle is a dashing halfling pirate extraordinaire. Perhaps you've heard of him? Senior De La Thistle served three years alongside his father on the vessel, Sea Drake's Wrath. He served many different positions on the ship, learning the ins and outs of life on the sea. He did a little actual pirating until his last year aboard the ship. During this time he grew to greatly respect the ship's dragonborn captain, Redhorn. Recently the Sea Drake's Wrath was lost during a massive hurricane. Alton awoke, adrift in the harbor of Waterdeep, wrapped in the ships dragon skull and crossbones flag. Feeling certain that his friends, family, and ship sank to the briny deep, he set off to find new adventures and fortunes in their place. While he would never admit it, he's looking for something new to replace the void left in his life from the loss of his ship and friends. Alton isn't sure what sorts of adventures he's going to get into with his new companions, but he is sure that they will be epic and make damn fine drinking stories.

Played by Josh

Erevan Leed, Cleric of Mystra (Half-Moon Elf Cleric)

The half-elf Erevan was born and raised among the Ffolk of the Moonshae Isles. He was always an odd, but intelligent child, blessed with visions and strange dreams. At the age of 15 his mother passed. He lived as an orphan for year until his father, a moon elf adventure returned the isles to take him away. For years he lived a cloistered life in the city, devouring any book he could find. It was during this time he felt the calling of Mystra. He soon realized that she was the source of his visions and dreams. Using money his father had given him to purchase adventuring gear, grabbed his copy of  Feldspar's Which Came First the Goddess or the Weave, and set off for the keep at High Horn. He still not sure what's going on in the Caves of Chaos, but he knows his Lady leads him there. Erevan is not sure what to think of his new traveling companions. They seem like good sorts, he's just afraid he's going to have to speak slowly with them.

Played by Chad

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