Monday, February 1, 2016

Itinerant Gentleman Adventurers - Session 4: A Kobold By Any Other Name

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Vex the Grinning Kobold
kobold wizard, ex-pirate, and merchant
The session began with Alton seeking help to rescue his captured friends and Valkorme and Erevan chained in the kobolds' storeroom. Valkorme managed to break himself and Erevan free from their bindings. Coincidentally (yeah I know nothing is coincidental in D&D) as Alton was seeking help he came across a brightly colored wagon being driven by an old friend from his pirate days, a kobold wizard named Vex. Vex was heading to the caves to sell some of his wares to the tribe. The pair teamed up and made it to the cave as the other pc's made their escape. The party regrouped with their new ally and headed directly to the chief's lair. It was a massacre and the party made short work of the winged chief and his mates. Leaving the cave, the encountered and defeated a gelatinous cube.

  • I planned on introducing Vex to give the party a fourth member and an arcane caster. Their capture by the kobolds made it easier to introduce him.
  • I replaced the giant rats in room 2 with a gelatinous cube.
  • The kobolds that were left after the chief and his brides were killed have fled the caves and will probably join up with one of the other local humanoid tribes (possibly even the cultists).
  • The fight with the chief was a gangland assassination. Valkorme opened the door and hit him with a crossbow, Alton followed with the same move, and Everan chill touched for maximum damage.
  • One of the chief's mates surrendered. Vex spoke with her and she's decided to follow him.
  • The party is now 3rd level.

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