Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Adding The King To Your DCC/MCC Game

I know what you're thinking. I just backed the Mutant Crawl Classics but I need to add some Jack Kirby to my Crawl Classics game now. Well you're in luck my friend.  As a companion to their latest podcast, the folks at Sanctum Secorum have released a really cool Dungeon Crawl Classics pdf that includes 4 new classes, 2 new monsters, and a patron. All of these were inspired by Kamandi, the Last Boy on Earth.

You can download it here for free. Combine this with last year's MCC preview from Gencon and this year's Free RPG Day adventure and you can get a good taste for Mutant Crawl Classics today.

You know you want some of this in your MCC game!


  1. Looks like good stuff! I'm glad that Kamandi has started to get more attention over the past few years (I just wish the stories were more readily available).