Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Setting Sail For The Razor Coast

Recently the Swords & Wizardry bug has bit me. I've looked at various books and things and decided that I had to get Razor Coast. Well as luck would have it, I found a really cheap copies of the main book and the Freebooter's Guide on Ebay. Both hardcovers only set me back 60 or so dollars. 

I've started talking with some folks back home and I think I'm going to run this every other Friday. I'm definitely allowing all of the race options from the Freebooter's Guide as well as the Witchfinder. In addition, I might sprinkle in some of the spells from Space-Age Sorcery. I'm still recruiting players, but I'm pretty pumped. My only problem is I'm trying to decide if I should just have players create level 5 characters (since that's the starting point of Razor Coast) or if I want to come up with other nautical adventures to get them to level 5. What do you folks think?

Decisions, decisions...
This will probably be my first D&D game with guns. We'll see how that turns out.
I'm going to take a look at Hack! Firearms! to potentially supplement the firearms presented in the Freebooter's Guide.
Harthagoa looks terrifying!

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  1. I've always found starting at level 1 to be the most fun, but that's a lot of hacking to get through before you hit the level 5 you're waiting for. (Could also be fun to let folks create level 1 3.5/Pathfinder characters and see how they fare in a level 5 S&W world...)