Saturday, October 8, 2016

All Flesh Must Be Eaten (and Terra Primate)

Recently the All Flesh Must Be Eaten bug has bitten me. That could be a bad thing consider I'm not sure what the Spreading the Love is for this Dead World. Bad humor aside I think All Flesh Must Be Eaten is a fantastic game and I thought I'd talk about it in a little detail for those that aren't familiar.

The basic rules are very simple. You need to do something. You roll a d10 and add your attribute (or attribute and skill if applicable) and if you roll a 9 or better, you succeed. Your roll is modified by the difficulty of the task. Of course there are more rules, but that's the basic way the system works.

All you need to play is the core book. If you want to expand into different genres, Eden Studios has you covered. They put out books that allow your zombie games to include cowboys, cybertech, kung fu killers, and even wrestlers. Seriously, Zombie Smackdown is a thing (that I own actually).

Want to give the game a spin before you pick it up, you find the demo kit Road Trip of the Damned here. It would be a great Halloween one-shot. You can also download The Waking Dead, Eden Studios 2011 Free RPG Day offering. Like the demo it has a trimmed down version of the game (with archetypes and rules) and a Deadworld (setting).

While there are other classic and cinematic unisystem games out there I think the one that mixes best with All Flesh is Terra Primate. The game is essentially and ape-centric version of All Flesh Must Be Eaten. Instead of populating your game with zombies, you use apes (whether they be Kong giant versions or intelligent Planet of the Apes style). The game is completely compatible with All Flesh and the animal stat section at the end of the book is invaluable if you're running All Flesh. You can check out the Terra Primate demo kit, Monkeying Around here.

Terra Primate just has the core book and All Flesh hasn't seen new material since The Waking Dead. That being said, it's not hard to find an inexpensive copy of All Flesh Must Be Eaten or it's sourcebooks online. If you like the game and want to expand it, I've created new content for it. You can find it using my classic unisystem tag. I plan on post more soon.

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  1. Both are great games. I ran a fun weird west game with the Fist full of Zombies supplement. Good times!