Tuesday, May 16, 2017

New Guardian - El Hijo de Lobo Plata

Lucha Underground has been added to Netflix and I've fallen in love with it. I grew up watching wrestling and fell away from it (though I still follow it a bit because of friends). That being said, I've always been in love with lucha libre. As far as I'm concerned, people like Santos and Blue Demon were real life super heroes. I've decided to convert the only Mutants and Masterminds character I've actually played, El Hijo de Lobo Plata, to a new supers system I've fallen for, Guardians.

El Hijo de Lobo Plata (Salvatore Nochez)
Exotic Super-Agent (1st level)
Str 14 (1) Int 10 (0) Wis 12 (0) Dex 18 (3) Con 13 (1) Cha 13 (1)
Gifts: Gadget Points 2, Occultist, Super Star
Powers: Super Jumping
Features: Surprise Attack, Dark Fighting, Skill Combat Specialty: Martial Artist
Issues: Duty, Enemy
Gadgets: Lobo Plata Mask [2 gadget points] (Mind Shield, Silver Strike (Claws/Fangs feature), Detect Supernatural, Light Armor)
Equipment: Backpack, cell phone, tool box
HP: 23 EP:  ST:12  AC 15
Languages: English, Spanish Profession: Maintenance Man

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