Thursday, June 8, 2017

Stairway of V'dreen Review

Stairway of V'dreen is the newest Crimson Dragon Slayer offering by +Venger Satanis (who was cool enough to give me a review copy).

The adventure starts in media res. The party has to seek cover/protection from something and discovered Doctor Ebzub and his almost completed experiment. This (most likely) leads them to the dying world of V'dreen. On this planet, which is literally fading out of existence, the players will randomly hear faint echos of the forgetful gods that created the world (the worst kinds of gods... tabletop gamers). The party must venture through the world, encountering strange and potentially powerful denizens (such as the Beast of V'Dreen and the Faceless Demon) until finally ascending the Stairway of V'dreen. Here they can infect with the purple, revitalize it, or put it out of its misery.

The adventure has all of hallmarks of Venger's work: creative and gonzo encounters, interesting descriptions, and just the right amount of sleaze (I'm looking at you Seejo Tulon). Venger's style is for Venger (he said so himself), but it's enjoyable for anyone who doesn't take everything too seriously.

While the adventure is designed for Crimson Dragon Slayer (which you should grab), it could easily be converted to any OSR game (or newer edition designed from the classics).

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