Monday, July 31, 2017

Battle For The Purple Islands Kickstarter

 +Venger Satanis has another new Kickstarter and this one is a return to his super-fun and gonzo Purple Islands setting. Battle For The Purple Islands is an OSR and quasi-OSR (Venger's homebrew systems) adventure book. This is the initial conflict that kickoffs the action:

A courier has raced halfway across the galaxy to send a holographic message to an old hermit living in a mountain cave infested by shadow shoggoths - it's time-sensitive, for his eyes only, and concerns the fate of the entire universe.  Upon landing on the purple islands, the messenger was captured by militant talking apes.  He managed to escape, but then fell into the hands of a cannibal tribe at the base of the mountain.

Venger is a man (or is he a man... perhaps he's some sort of elder being or demon, I'm not positive) that loves pop culture influences in his work. Well I do too and that's probably one of the reasons I dig his stuff as much as I do. 

You can back Battle for the Purple Islands for 5 bucks or 13 if you want Battle and the The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence. If you don't have the original excursion to the Islands you definitely should go with the 13 dollar pledge.


  1. Backed it. I'd prefer a printed edition, but if this can help keep Venger in blood ink and sacrificial virgins I'm happy to chip in five bucks for the PDF.

    1. He did say if all goes well, there will be a series collected into a soft cover. Let's make sure he's got enough blood ink and sacrificial virgins to make it go well.

    2. I'm pretty sure someone out there has just snagged "Blood Ink & Sacrificial Virgins" as the title for their next OSR supplement.

  2. ;) Thanks, guys! PDFs are doable with 5 kids, softcovers will have to wait. Soon...