Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Kobayashi Maroon

Kobayashi Maroon is the newest Alpha Blue release (giggity). Since Venger's wife isn't letting him write Alpha Blue material anymore it's been written by "Zoltar Khan Delgado" (with help of Venger).

The pdf opens with a forward by Venger discussion about the uneasiness of sexual encounters in rpg's. Honestly, advice I'm never going to follow, because off screen has always been just fine for me and my players, but what's presented is an interesting writing exercise.

What follows is three episodes/adventures and an appendix.

  • Episode 1 - The party is in the middle of rescuing a ship full of space hotties when Yog-Soggoth ooze out a void and forces them to answer a question. They most likely answer it wrong, cause the universe to be destroyed. Or did they...
  • Episode 2 -  This is a solo-adventure (though it could accommodate multiple npc's) that involves tracking some folks, prisoners, and a battle royale (featuring the folks on the cover). Venger ran this scenario on the web and you can read about it here.
  • Episode 3 - This adventure features the fucking Catalina Wine Mixer. The pc's attend tryouts for new Zith Lord for the Catalina system. Of course and actual Zith lord shows up and challenges them.
The appendix in this one has a few random charts. There's cunnilingus results, a blue ball spectrum table (which is also presented a separate printable document), and a d100 chart of what the npc's are doing when the pc's surprise them. 

The book ends with npc stats for the mighty Venger Satanis. I wouldn't fuck with him. That's all I'm saying.

I think this one takes the sleaze up a few levels. If you're a fan of Venger's work and Alpha Blue, then this is a must have. If you're offended by someone poking fun at SJW's and political correctness, then this one's not for you. If you want a "did you shit your pants" table and some classic lewd humor in your game, then you should grab this one.

Full disclaimer, I was given a pdf to review.


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    2. I actually have to carefully type-look-type-look each time I write Kobayashi Maroon for fear of misspelling it. Tricky title!