Sunday, January 17, 2021

Character Creation Challenge - Day 17

In the 1980's strange things happened everywhere... that's the premise of Dark Places & Demogorgons, the game today's character was made for.  Also, it's not an 80's flick, but check out the metal movie, Deathgasm. This character was heavily inspired by it.

Zakk Brodie 

Class/Level: Metal Head 1
Alignment: Neutral
Family Background: Avid hunters that live near Pope Lick Trestle

STR: 10 (+0)

INT: 14 (+1)
WIS: 10 (+0)
DEX: 17 (+2)
CON: 10 (+0)
CHA: 18 (+3)
SUR: 10

Courage: 11
Critical: 10
Death: 14
Mental: 7
Poison: 14

AC: 12/13 (Dex/Dex and Brawling in Melee) 
HP: 10 
Toughness: - 
Move: 12

Attack Bonus
Brass Knuckles +2 to hit, 1d6 damage


Art & Music 1 (+2)
Brawling 1
Languages 1 (Latin)
Outdoorsmanship 1 (+3 or +4)
Paranormal 1 (+2)
Persuasion 1 (+4)

Outdoorsmanship +1
Limited access to firearms, ammo, etc
+1 Melee attacks
+2 Music Knowledge or Performance rolls
-2 Social interaction rolls with authority figures

Equipment: guitar and amp, metal shirts, ripped jeans, books about the occult, $16.00, sweet record collection, pocket knife, bicycle


Zakk Brodie is definitely the black sheep of his family. The Brodies of J'Town have lived off the land for years. This means most of them are down to earth. While he's learned those skills from his family, he's much more interested in metal and the occult. He truly believes that metal was created by the Devil and he seeks unlock its true potential. His parents are surprisingly open-minded and believe this is a phase that will pass. 

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  1. Deathgasm is such a underrated horror film. Cool post and good luck with the challenge!