Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Batman: The Longest Halloween

Check out this amazing artwork by DustinLeeMassey. Honestly, this is a crossover I could see. It could be a hell of a comic. I've statted different versions of Michael Survive This!! before. I've included another interpretation below that (I think) bring him more inline with the 2018 sequel/reboot.

Michael Myers
Armor Class: 13

Hit Dice: 8 
Move: 12
Actions: 1
Attack Damage: Butcher Knife (1d6+1)
Bonuses: +5 to Melee attacks, +3 to Spot, +3 to Listen, +8 to Stealth, +2 to Grappling checks, +4 to Toughness 
Special: One Last Scare (When reduced to 0 HP Michael will appear dead, however when least expected he will spring to life and make one last attack at the nearest person)
Morale: 10
Terror: 12

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