Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Wide-Eyed Terror

Wide-Eyed Terror is a DCC roadside encounter by Breaker Press. Designed for 12-16 0-level characters or 4-6 1st level characters. Taking place at a semi-isolated farmhouse, the adventure can be used with or without the publisher's The Precipice of Corruption adventure, which can be supplemented by their fantastic Tome of Debasement zine. The encounters introduce Nolids and the canid companions, mutilated cultists of Gorrsecck the Lidless. These horrific fiends have set themselves upon a farmhouse. The players will explore the aftermath of their raid, help the survivors, and slay some evil. There are a few buildings to explore in this short adventure/extended encounter. 

I like this publisher's work and their style. The art is good, the books always include interesting pc's, and its' very descriptive. Also, despite being designed to use with a setting/adventure in mind it can be dropped into just about any game. If I ever get around to running my Shudder Mountains game, this will definitely be a part of it. 

You can grab a copy of this zine at the Breaker Press Games webstore.