Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wraith - Stats

Here you go, keep in mind this is our first go with the M&M 3E rules.


PL: 10

Strength 4 Agility 5
Fighting 5 Awareness 3
Stamina 6 Dexterity 2
Intellect 7 Presence 4

Skills: Acrobatics +6, Athletics +5, Close Combat (Hand to Hand) +9, Expertise (Biochemistry) +10, Expertise (Forensics) +10, Insight +6, Intimidation +7, Investigation +11, Perception +5, Ranged Combat (Thrown Object) +4, Stealth +10, Technology +10, Treatment +11

Advantages: Benefits (Alternate Identity, Wealthy 3 [Millionaire]), Defensive Role +5, Equipment 2

Wraith Form - Insubstantial 4 ([Weakness Electricity], Affects Corporeal, Phase Others, Attack, Continuous, Precise)
Concealment 4 (Visual)
Flight 3 (250 ft/round)

Super Senses (Visual, Penetrate Concealment 4)

Initiative +5
Unarmed +14, Close Damage 4 (Can affect incorporeal)

Dodge +5
Parry +5
Toughness +6/11/15
Fortitude +7
Will +3

Headquarters - “The Crypt” - Basement of Emerald Isles (Diminutive -2, Concealed, Computer [Forensics], Gym, Communications)
Bullet Proof Vest
Utility Belt (Forensic Gear)

Secret Identity: Wraith goes by the alias Erik LaRoux, but was born Nick Masters

Relationships: Wraith’s identity is known to his bartender friend, Jerome Collins. He’s also attracted to his pub’s assistant manager, Katie Jordan.

Motivation: Wraith is seeking redemption from his past indiscretions.

Weakness: While it was the catalyst for his powers, Wraith’s abilities are negated by electricity.

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