Friday, May 25, 2018

Light City - General Zod

General Zod
Real Name Dru-Zod
First Appearance Adventure Comics #283 (April 1961)
AC 1 [18]  HD 10  Attacks Unarmed (2d6) or Heat Vision (1d6+1, long range)  Move 24/24 (Flying)

General Zod his a skilled tactician and highly trained soldier, in addition to having all the powers of a Kryptonian. He can freeze opponents with his breath. The target must make a saving throw or be unable to move or act (though they attempt a saving throw every round to break the effect). Once he's used this ability he can't use it for 1d6 turns. Additionally Zod has X-ray vision and other Kryptonian extrasensory powers. Finally, he regenerates 1 HP a round.  He does have the same weakness as all Kyrptonians (red solar energy and kryptonite). He cannot regenerate near kryptonite and kryptonite weapons do an extra 1d6+1 damage to Zod.

Zod wasn't happy about his tenure in the Suicide Squad.

Bloat Games Memorial Day Sale

This weekend Bloat Games has some amazing deals on some fantastic books. I have the Vigilante Hack and DP&D books, but decided to pick up print copies of The Zombie Hack and White Box Zombies. I've reviewed all these books and have linked the reviews below. They also have a discount for their game List Off and its expansions, but I don't know anything about it.

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Light City - Thor Odinson

When Jonanthan and I start working on Light City material I proposed that demigod and god characters could be represented by clerics. The difference is instead of drawing on power from another god, their spells come from their innate divinity. Given that idea I present you with classic Thor. The Mjolnir stats below originally appeared in this post. You should check that post out, there's a cool Wonder Woman vs. Thor fan film.

The Mighty Thor
Level 7 Cleric
Real Name Thor Odinson
First Appearance Journey Into Mystery #83 (August, 1962)
Str 24 (+2)   Int 10
Dex 14         Wis 15 (+1)
Con 17 (+1)  Cha 17 (+1)
6 HD (35 HP), Saving Throw 8, Move 12/24 (Fly)
AC 5 [14] (Chain)
Attacks Mjolnir, +6 to hit, 2d6+2 damage or +4 to hit, 2d6+2, medium range
Class Abilities +2 on saves vs. death and poisons, Turn Undead
Spells 1st: 4, 2nd: 3, 3rd: 2
Equipment Chain armor, Mjolnir

Mjolnir - The chosen weapon of Thor Odinson, Mjolnir is an artifact level version of a Thunder Weapon (see Light City: The Assembly). This hammer may only be wielded by those it deems worthy. It provides a +1 bonus to hit rolls and can be swung or thrown (medium range) for 2d6 damage. If thrown it will return to its owner. The wielder may control storms and fire lightning bolts from it 2/day (treat as Magic Missile). In addition they gain a fly speed equal to twice their normal speed.

Here's a Thor track by nerd rockers, Kirby Krackle that I love:

Jeffersontown Setting Guide Review

J'town, the core setting of Dark Places & Demogorgons has it's own setting guide. The book clocks in at 140 pages. As you can see from the picture to the right, the back cover has a simple map of the area. 

The guide starts with an overview and timeline for J'town. There's a nice section on colloquial phrases. This was a cool addition, though I didn't really need it. I'm originally from Appalachian southern Ohio and grew up on the Ohio River. That would put J'town a few hours from where I grew up. I've heard many of the phrases mentioned growing up (and may still use some depending on the company I'm with).

After this preliminary info five districts/broad areas of J'town are described. Each section includes places of note, with descriptions of relevant npc's and adventure/story hooks. These are incredibly useful when running a game. One of my favorite locations mentioned through these sections is The Cat's Meow. It's a dive bar owned by a man with my last name (Isaac). I really dig this because my family is from coal mining country in Kentucky. 

Two important locations are given more description. The first is the local magic shop and the second is the high school. Let's be honest, since the characters are teens, this high school section is extremely valuable. Teachers and cliques are given attention. There's even a "determine your classes table" which is super helpful. The magic shop includes an important npc and several magical items, which is pretty cool. This is followed by descriptions (and some stats) of important citizens and groups.

The book ends with adventure seeds (presented in the monster of the week style format of the core) and monsters. This section is a nice compliment to those in the core. My favorite adventure seeds are the ghost pug and the new girl. A really important antagonist mentioned in the corebook is given much more detail in this section, the head of J'town's satanic panic, Reverend Phillips, is discussed and statted out. His stats include some really interesting holy relics and mythos items. He also has an elite group of followers called the Council of 13 and their stats are given as well. 

If your DP&D game is going to be set in J'town, you'd be a fool to pass this one up. Even if it's not I think there's enough good material to warrant this one if you run the game.

All DP&D books can be found on Lulu and OBS, but I recommend ordering here, directly from Bloat Games.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Dark Places & Demogorgons Player Options and DM Guide

The Dark Places & Demogorgons Player Options and GM Guide is a great supplement to an already great game.

For players we get a greatly expanded skill and class list. We also get more explanation for skill uses. The real meat of the book is in the new classes though. These classes go up to level 7, as opposed to 5 like the core. You might be wondering why we need more classes. As I mentioned in my DP&D core review the classes cover the classic 80's teen archetypes. We don't need these classes to play, but they definitely expand the game and branch out into other things 80's related. Some of the classes, like the equestrian class also feel necessary for the implied setting of DP&D, J'town, because it's in the heart of Kentucky horse country. Here's a quick description of the classes:

  • Equestrian Show Rider - You are from a big money, prestige horse breeding family
  • Equestrian Rider - Similar to the above, but more humble and down to earth (meaning less money)
  • Monster Hunter - You know monsters are out there, just like the Frog Brothers from Lost Boys
  • Party Animal - You might be underage, but that doesn't stop you from having access to booze and drugs
  • The Performer - You were raised in the spotlight from a young age
  • Phatasmagon - You are psion with the ability to cause fear
  • ROTC Cadet - You're an all American soldier-in-training
  • Soviet Spy - Your family is from the USSR and you are secretly gathering intelligence for the Motherland
  • Spy In Training - You are actually American, but are training to infiltrate other nations and must pretend to be someone from somewhere else
  • Street Tough - You're a runaway or squatter and tougher than the average teen
  • Survivalist - Your family will survive the bomb and are a lot like the Gummers from Tremors
  • Teen Ninja - You know being a ninja isn't just a fad and you're going to be the best
  • Telepath - You are a psion gifted/cursed with the ability to read the thoughts of others
The core rules presented optional rules for psionics and this book presents optional rules for magic. The magic system isn't super detailed, but it doesn't need to be. Spells are divided into major and minor. They are then further subdivided between light, dark, and neutral. We're given familiar rules, information about potion making, and new classes.
  • Dark Witch - You are called by the darkness and use it to gain power and destroy
  • Mechano-mage - Your magic has a modern feel and you have technological abilities
  • Nature Witch - You feel the call of nature and use magic to protect it
  • Voodoo Practitioner - You're definitely not from J'town and are from the voodoo tradition, which makes you hardier than most magic-users.
  •  White Witch - You are called by the light and use it for good
The final set of players options describes updating the core classes with the new rules presented (including being able to level up to 7). My favorite class ability, the metal heads hellacious ability to summon a demon, is expanded upon and example demons are given!

This section is followed by an 80's price guide (with new weapons and equipment). The section is super useful. The last bit of gaming info is a couple of pages of new rules for the GM. These include outsmart rules, character development charts, and other ways to beef up characters. 

All of that info is found in the first half of the book. The second have is your handy guide to the 80's. It has charts and tables for everything, my favorite being "Your Crush From The 80's." While this might not be a necessary addition to the game, if you're really wanting to immerse yourself in the setting, it is extremely useful.
So now you may be wondering, should I buy this? I think if you run or play Dark Places & Demogorgons you really need to pick it up. It greatly expands the game and takes it in many cool directions. Like the core book, you can pick it up on Lulu, OBS, but I recommend ordering here, directly from Bloat Games.

Light City - Alfred Pennyworth (Earth One)

I love Geoff Johns Batman: Earth One and decided to read it again. One of my favorite characters is Alfred, who's a badass ex-soldier that served with Thomas Wayne. He's originally brought in when to protect the family when Thomas is running for office. In Light City terms this Alfred is a Fighter and not a Super-Butler.

Alfred Pennyworth

Level 7 Fighter

First Appearance: Batman: Earth One (July 2012)
Str 15 (+1)    Int 12
Dex 13          Wis 14
Con 18 (+1)  Cha 11 
7 HD (36 HP) Save: 10 Movement: 12
AC 9 [10]
Attacks: Shotgun (+6 to hit, 1d6+1 dmg, short range) or Cane (+7, 1d6+1) 
Other: 7 attacks against foes of 1 HD or fewer. +1 on Saving Throws vs. death and poisons.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Birch (Dark Places & Demogorgons)

This is the not the first time I've talked about The Birch. I statted her for 5e here. If you haven't watched this phenomenal  horror short take a few minutes and change that.

The Birch seems like she could be transplanted (pun intended) to the States and found near Jeffersontown or wherever your game is set. She's is more vicious and nastier than her dryad sisters.

"For thee who makest me
I shall come
He who breaks me
Shall come undone..."
Armor Class: 16
Hit Dice: 4
Move: 12
Attacks: 1 per Round
Attack Damage: Claw 1d6+1
Special: Tree Portal*
Bonuses: +2 to hit 
Terror: 15
HDE: 4

*Tree Portal: The Birch can merge with any tree as a part of her normal movement and may also teleport from any tree to any other within 100 feet.

The Birch is ancient tree spirit. She lives in a forest on the edge of town. She can be summoned by making an effigy of her symbol and reciting the ritual words above. The ritual and her origins are described in the Tome of the Birch (which appears to at least partially made from the birch wood). While she protects children with good hearts, her methods are dark and brutal and many bullies have died at her limbs.