Monday, September 24, 2018

Tommy Wiseau’s Joker (Vigilante City)

He's just so bad, but I keep watching. I found the first one kind of entertaining. The second was just a painful trainwreck. Yet I watched it and decided to stat him again. This version of the of Joker has been statted Light City and I just made the comment that I need to do some DC Vigilante City stuff.... so here we go.

The Joker (as portrayed by Tommy Wiseau)

Armor Class: 11
Hit Dice: 3
Move: 12
Attacks: 1 per Round
Attack Damage: Punch (1d4 damage)
Special: The Joker is immune to all mind reading, suggestion, and mind control. In addition, he can spend a round monologuing and all within ear shot must make a Mental saving throw or be dumbfounded and lose their next round.
Bonuses: +2 to hit, +3 toughness
Terror: 10
HDE: 3

Who You Gonna Call? (The Ghost Hunter's Handbook Review)

This weekend I was fortunate enough to have been gifted with a pdf of the next Dark Places & Demogorgons book, The Ghost Hunter's Handbook. 

The pdf clocks in at 64, making it larger than the vampire and werewolf sourcebooks and comparable to the UFO Investigator's Handbook. Also, like the UFO book, this one has options for players and GM's. The book fleshes out an important part of paranormal games that I think is tricky rules wise, spectral things. Well I guess it ectoplams out.... errr... yeah... we'll stick with flesh, though it's not the most appropriate terminology. If you've been wanting to play Ghostbusters & Demogorgons this is the book for you.

The book starts with four new classes:
  • Clairavoyant - You can see images of the future and past and see things how they truly are. How will you use this gift?
  • Parapsychologist - You are fascinated by the idea of life after death and whether it be through occult or scientific means, you hunt ghosts.
  • Mystical Ghost Hunter - Whether ghosts are friendly or not,  you know they don't belong in the world of the living and use mystical means to send them to the afterlife.
  • Nullifier - Ghosts and magic are BS. You've never seen anything. Unbeknownst to you, this is because you were born with an innate ability to negate magic and psychic powers. 
What follows that section is a pretty thorough discussion of ghosts in DP&D. What are they and why are they still around? There's a good overview of what it means to be incorporeal in game terms. We're given a d6 random ghost chart with stats for each type. This is followed by a new terror chart specifically for encountering ghosts. This is a brilliant addition to the game. 

If you discuss ghosts, you have to talk about where they come from. There's a few page about the Other Side... no not this one. There are some cool ideas to make every trip to the Other Side random and how they will affect mortals and undead. 

Ghost bus... I mean hunters need the proper equipment so we're presented with some new ghost hunting gear. While magic items aren't as prevalent in DP&D as they are in other OSR games, we're given some ghost related ones that can be found at Ethel's Antiques. There are also new minor and major spells for your witch characters

J'town gets a nice expansion with the discussion of the Winter Hills Asylum and Blue Island. Every campaign needs a spooky abandoned mental institution and now Jeffersontown has a detailed one. There are several sites on the island and we get some great tables mentioned rumors and goings on. 

K.U.F.O.O. isn't the only group looking into strange occurrences in J'town. We're presented with the Jeffersontown Paranormal Society and it's members (which is led by a Gygax).

Finally the book ends with an plot hook dear to my heart that originally appeared in the Jeffersontown Setting Guide, the Ghost Pug of Ghost Light Road. As I mentioned before, this series of encounters was so much fun I commissioned artwork based on it. You can check that out, here.

This is an incredibly useful sourcebook that tackles a (mechanically) hard topic. The new classes are fun and add some nice elements to the game. The discussion of ghosts and the Other Side is fantastic an immensely useful. The new location is interesting and will definitely become an important part of my campaign. New allies are always good and "Oh dear God, it's Norman!" If you play DP&D this is a book you need. Also if you plan on including ghosts in your Vigilante City game, you're going to want this one too.

The pdf will be available October 2nd, with print options coming shortly after that.

Music Monday

Getting into the mood for Decorative Gourd Season.

But come All Hallows' Eve, I'll be commin' for ya
Come All Hallows' Eve, you better bar those shutters
I will return, with claws that burn
I'll see your pretty mansion turn into a furnace
Come All Hallows' Eve!

Welcome to the lower birth
The greatest show unearthed
We appear without a sound
The darkest show around
We will leave you in a daze
Madness, murder, dismay
We will disappear at night
With blood on the concrete.

Don't worry that it looks like a ghost town
Because it starts at night
That's when this city comes to life

I am a fuckin' freak
I'll get you while you sleep
I'm your worst nightmare come to life.
I am a deviant
There's something wrong with how I think
Twisted shit makes me feel alive

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Cat: A New Class for Dark Places & Demogorgons

While most of the classes for Dark Places & Demogorgons are designed to make regular teens that get introduced into the world of the supernatural, I think there's room for more eccentric and occult classes. That's why I've decided to create this class, my tribute to Sabrina's Salem and Thackery Binx from Hocus Pocus. This is a working draft. Feedback is welcome and desired, to be honest.

The Cat

You weren't always this way. There was a time you had dreams. There was a time you had a bright future. There was a time you had opposable thumbs. Now you're a cat.

PRERQUISITES: Dexterity 8, Charisma 8

LEVEL 1: You gain a +4 bonus to your Dexterity attribute (maximum score of 20). You also gain a +1 to Stealth. You can see perfectly in the dark. You can't use weapons or most devices though you can make two attacks (claw/bite) in a round that do 1d2/1 damage. You can speak human and animal languages. You have an extra life pool. At first level you have 1. If you are killed, you will return to life (when the GM feels it's dramatically appropriate) and you lose 1 life from your extra life pool.
LEVEL 2: You gain advantage on all Stealth checks and Athletics checks involving climbing and jumping. +1 to Sleight of Hand (or rather Paw).+1 to extra life pool.
LEVEL 3: +1 to Paranormal and Stealth. +2 to extra life pool.
LEVEL 4: Can see ghosts and spirits. +1 to extra life pool.
LEVEL 5: You can take on a form more suitable for combat. While in this form you gain +2d6 HP, +3 to hit, and can make three attacks (claw/claw/bite) a round which do 1d6/1d6/1d4 damage. You can maintain this form for 6 rounds. You can use this ability once per day. +1 to extra life pool.
LEVEL 6: You can bless or curse an individual. Choose a target. They gain advantage or disadvantage on their next roll. You can use this ability once per day. +1 to extra life pool.
LEVEL 7: You can enter your "battle cat" form twice per day. +1 to extra life pool.

STARTING EQUIPMENT: Enchanted collar that provides a +1 to AC.

Everybody wants to be a cat.
- The Aristocats

Friday, September 21, 2018


In honor of the Autumnal Equinox, which is tomorrow, I wanted to share some great witch themed rpg material.

Flubber Gritty Reboot (Vigilante City)


Armor Class: 12
Hit Dice: 1
Move: 15
Attacks: 1 per Round
Attack Damage: Bounce (1d4 damage)
Special: Flubber takes no damaging from falling (unless falling from extreme heights), only takes damage from critical hits and magic
Bonuses: +1 to hit,
Terror: 6
HDE: 2

Flubber (Bonded To Human)
Armor Class: 12
Hit Dice: 6
Move: 15, 15 Climb
Attacks: 1 per Round
Attack Damage: Bludgeon (1d6 damage, melee attack but with an effective range 10') or Bite (1d4+1)
Special: Flubber takes no damaging from falling (unless falling from extreme heights)
Bonuses: +5 to hit, Toughness +10
Terror: 14
HDE: 8

The bludgeoning and bounce damage done by Flubber can be non-lethal.