Friday, March 22, 2019

Pirate Bundle Review

At 62 pages, the Pirate Bundle by Limitless Adventures is light on art, but heavy on usable content. It contains 46 fully detailed sea and coast locations/encounters, a crewed sailing ship for pc's to use, a floating pirate town, and pirate weaponry (including detailed firearm rules).

Despite being sea-centric, the encounters are varied. There's a nice variety of skill challenges, monsters, and obstacles for characters to face. Some of these include new magic items. There's a pirate map, with premade encounters which is a fantastic tool to give to players. I have to say my favorite part of the book is Flotsam. Flotsam is a group of rocks, ships, and wrecks that have been connected via wooden decks. It's a cool addition to any nautical game and gives you an bastion of civilization that you can put anywhere in the endless seas.

With the next official adventure being the Ghosts of Saltmarsh compilation, the Pirate Bundle is a perfect campaign aid. Even if you don't like pirates, this is a great nautical supplement and I recommend it to anyone that wants their D&D games to hit the high seas.

Physical copies are currently only available to Kickstarter backers (like me), but you can grab the pdf here.

Quick Reviews for Birch + Bat Studios

Birch + Bat Studios is the creation of Kiel Chenier and Arella Prest. You might know Kiel as the author of the fantastic and controversial (aren't they all) LotFP adventure, Blood in the Chocolate. They have some really cool mugs, shirts, stickers, and other things, but today I want to talk about their pdfs.

Their gaming pdfs are 50% off through the end of the month. I've purchased three of them and though I'd do a little quick review/recommendation.

Seance of Slumber is 11 page 5e supplement adds the element of dreams to your game. It includes a new merchant, who has some really cool dream related merchandise (including new magic items). There are some random tables to determine what the characters dream of. This is a fun little pdf and is currently less than a dollar.

Von Bottom's Hoard  is an interesting adventure for D&D (any version or variation) that has a humorous anime feel too it. The titular Baron Augustus von Bottom is a wealthy retired adventure who's swollen into a giant balloon man because of dragon sickness (caused from hoarding gold and eating dragon meat). The very open-end mansion crawl adventure is full of zany maids, cooks, and other servants. If you like humorous fantasy anime, pick this one up for sure. It's currently available for less than two dollars.

Burlesque House Siege! is an OSR adventure designed for tabletop gaymers and GenCon2016. The party find themselves having a waking up at the Maison Derriere, after a good night (which can randomly be determined by a roll). The players learn that there is a bandit army on its way to the burlesque house and must prepare, rally the employees, and defend the establishment. The pdf contains details and stats for several of the dancers, plus the bandits and their leader. Additionally there are discussions on running it as a convention game or making it a part of your home campaign. Finally, there are rules for running the Maison Derriere, should the pc's come into ownership of it, along with random burlesque dancer, performance, and show interruption tables. One thing I really loved about this adventure is despite the fact that every friendly character is LGBT, that has nothing to do with the plot and conflict. While I'm sure this one won't jive with some folks taste, I really like it and want to use it at some point. This pdf is also currently less than two dollars.


Stranded is a new Bigfoot film directed by Ohio native Shawn Burkett of Concept Media.  Shawn also directed the really fun flick, Don't Fuck in the Woods. Here's a synopsis of the flick from the press release:

The film follows a group of siblings into the wilderness to fulfill their mother’s request of scattering her ashes in a location where she was fond of as a child. Along the way the siblings are forced to hash out issues and reopen old wounds before they become stranded on an old country road where they come face to face with the infamous bigfoot.

Here's a behind the scenes trailer and the official teaser.

Y'all know that I love indie horror and cryptid related things. I also love that this movie is being made by Ohio folks and is is about bigfoot specifically. My state is a hotbed of bigfoot sightings (as the map below shows). I'm from Scioto County, lived in Franklin until recently, and currently live in Ross County. As the map shows, all three have had bigfoot sightings in the last 19 years. 

This movie sounds like perfect inspiration for a Dark Places & Demogorgons game. The Cryptid Manual would be the perfect resource, with it's several variations of bigfeet (which really doesn't sound right). 

The film currently has an Indigogo campaign that goes through April. There are some really cool perk levels. Personally, my favorite is the 50 DVD/Bluray signed steelbook of the flick. I absolutely love steelbooks.  Other levels include posters, behind the scenes flash drives, posters, pins, busts, and even walk on roles and producer credits. If this seems like a flick you'd enjoy, consider donating here

Support indie horror!  

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Vigilante Files: Remnant Available Now

The first release from my new rpg partnership with Josh Beckelhimer, The Lone Bards, is now available. Remnant is a relic from the Cold War. My basic thoughts when designing him were "What if Captain America gave up being a patriotic hero and turned into Deathstroke?" You can grab the pdf here for 1.99.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Ash Wednesday - The King

Sebastian Haff/Elvis Presley
Class/Level: Performer 7

STR: 11 (+0)
INT: 12 (+0)
WIS: 14 (+1)
DEX: 8 (-1)
CON: 13 (+1)
CHA: 18 (+3)
SUR: 11

Courage: 16
Critical: 14
Death: 15
Mental: 13
Poison: 14

AC: 11 (Dex. Martial Arts) Choose not to attack to make AC 13
HP: 31
Toughness: -
Move: 9

Attack Bonus
Kung fu +0 to hit, d4 damage
Walker +0 to hit, d6 damage

Art & Music 4 (+10)
Dancing 4 (+6)
Driving 1 (-1)
Fashion 1 (+4)
Investigation 1 (+3)
Knowledge - 2 General (+2)
Paranormal 1 (+3)
Persuasion  2 (+7)

All friendly characters within 60' gain +3 to saving throws
All " " "" 30' gain +1 to AC
If attacked, attacker must make Mental save (+3 to their roll) or must attack another target valid in 30'.
Make a DC 15 Art & Music roll to grant friendly characters within 60' +1 to AC, +1d6 to HP, +1 to attack, +1 to damage, +1 to all skill checks, and +1 to all saves for 1 hour.
May use an extra Survival point to re-roll any failed skill or saving roll.

Equipment: aviators, King outfit, robe, medication, walker

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Chromatic Soup 01 Review

I've talked about two of Evlyn Moreau's books, The Kobolds' Art Exhibition and Spinetooth Oasis, before. Today I wanted to talk about a project that she spearheaded, Chromatic Soup 01. Physically the zine, I think I'm going to call it a zine, has odd dimensions (4.25"x6.88") and features Evlyn's unique black and white art.

The zine discusses two different (but connected) swamp areas, the Biting Marshes and the Mae Khwam Kruna rice lands. Another nearby area, the Flatstone Fortress is also mentioned and lightly detailed.

The Biting Marshes are the home to the Swamp Duke and his growing army. While he plays humble, he secretly eyes for more power. His army includes swamp marines, log-jaw pipers, and stew pot witches. Each of these groups gets a class variant. Log-jaw pipers command packs of gators. Stewpot witches are my favorite though, because of their animated pot familiars. This section also details a goblin tribe, bobcat men, a few locations, and include charts that help flesh out the flora and fauna of the swamp.

The rice lands details the unique magic of the land and it's shrines. It also includes a variant magic-user. New insectile fae are introduced as well. The Flatstone Fortress is home to an order of merchant knights (the receive class treatment). Various charts are given to flesh them out, give them squires, and a few example knights are presented. The book ends with several charts and articles about swamp encounters (that would work in either swamp).

If you like a bit of weirdness in your OSR, you need to pick this up. At 176 pages, it's only 5.04. Its a great supplement to Fever Swamp.