Friday, November 15, 2019

5th Evolution - WWII: Mystery In The Sahara Review

5th Evolution: WWII #1 lets you take your 5e game out of a traditional fantasy setting and into an alternate history where a brave American tank crew encounters powerful ancient magic in WWII.

The book contains 47pages of content. This is an adventure and rules supplement for 5th edition. You need the core books, basic pdf, or the srd to use it.

Like all 5Evo books, this starts with a comic. In the deserts of North Africa a tank crew encounters an ancient Efreeti and his lava scorpion minions (as well as a group of Nazis). Again, like all of the 5Evo books, the artwork is astounding. I'm not really into war comics, but I would read the further tales of this group.

After the comic we're presented with the scenario. The characters are there to stop a group of Afrikacorps who are in the desert to awaken and ancient evil. They do so and that's were the evil genie comes into play. In the adventure they will encounters the Nazis and their commander, an evil genie, giant magma scorpions, an anti tank gun, skeletal guardians, and a mummy.

The party is made of up four different members of the tank crew and the tank itself (which they each share a role in running). It's an interesting idea and I need to run this to see how it plays out. Just reading the rules it seems pretty solid.

This information is followed by what you need to make your own WWII adventures. There's a one page primer with a timeline and info about the homefront. There are two pages for character creation. You should background and advanced training, which is what really sets you apart from your brothers in arms. Characters are roughly the equivalent of secondary characters (though are a lot more powerful in their tank. This is followed by rules for running a game set during WWII and several pages with firearms rules and lists of equipment. These are really cool, because they are broken down by nationality. There are also a few pages with other vehicles. Finally the book ends with some npc stat blocks (Bedouin Tracker, Raw German Recruit, Heavy Shotgun, and German Officer).

After reading this book again, I think it would be a great way to play something like Overload. There's some great stuff in the Tunnel of Terror book for this (including contagious zombie stats). You could also use this for flashback setting adventures in a Carbide City game. The players could take on the roles of soldiers that dealt with something related to a villain.

Currently only backers of the Kickstarter (like me) have print copies, but you can pick the pdf here. Better yet, you could back their new Kickstarter, 5Evo Whitechapel and get it and the original three (including this one). 

Phantasmagoria #2 Review

I recently picked up the second issue of Apollyon Press's Phantasmagoria from Exalted Funeral. You can read my review for the first issue here. Whereas issue 1 was mainly player material, issue 2 is definitely for the judged.

Spicing up ship combat we are given maneuvers to do. These are special actions that can be taken by ships if you meet the requirements. They really missed out though, because they didn't include one of the greatest starship maneuvers, listing lazily to the left.

There are several little item related entries that help flesh out your game. This includes d30 artifacts, alien poisons, and prosthetics (mundane and magical). I really like what they've done with the prothestics. There is a new spell that allows you to create the magical variety. The poisons are a nice touch too, because in solar assassin worth its ilk, is going to use them.

There are several pages of stellar system generation and monster generation. This ends with a brief chart on how folks get around in certain area and a bit of errata from the first issue.

The author did a great job with all of this material and its ready to go. While a part of me would like to see an established setting, that doesn't really fit the DCC model. When you combine this with with the first issue, you have everything you need to run a fun swords and planet game. You can roll up your star systems and sail the cosmic waves. These could also be used to expand something like Leopard Women of Venus (currently on Kickstarter).

Create Your Own Stories In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

I've read nothing but praise for Disney +'s The Mandalorian and I know it's got a lot of folks wanting to roll some dice and make their own Star Wars adventures. If you're going to do so (and don't already have them), I recommend downloading White Star and the White Star Companion (both of which are pay what you want) and snagging this awesome custom character sheet created by David Okum.  While you're at it, considering backing David's patreon.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Help Your 5E Game Evolve

Have you ever wanted to try something different in your 5e games? Wonder who'd win in a fight between a WWII tank and a red dragon? Want to terrorize some 80's teens with an ogre? How about throwing a team of superheroes against a beholder? If any of these things sound badass to you, then you should really check out the Kickstarter for 5Evo Whitechapel.

The newest 5Evo book it focuses on 1888 London and Jack the Ripper's reign of terror. It's presented as an easy addon to D&D 5e and you can mix and match it's content with the core books. Additionally, with a few of the pledged you can snag the previous 5Evo books and add all of the craziness I mentioned above to your games.

I have reviewed Tunnel of Terror and Carbide City. I've not reviewed Mystery in the Sahara, but I think I'll do that tomorrow. I can't wait to add Whitechapel to the mix. These are quality books and you should take a look at the project.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Music Monday - Savages

My favorite band Ice Nine Kills recently released a video for this Texas Chainsaw Massacre-inspired song, Savages. The video is fun and gory

And just a reminder I statted out Leatherface for 5e D&D last month.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Homemade Weapons for STZ2E

I am making a setting for SURVIVE THIS!! Zombies! 2nd Edition and I wanted to include some homemade and makeshift weapons. Here are a few I've come up with.

Lawn Mower
While it can be quite unwieldy, a push mower can be a deadly weapon and shield.
Damage 2d6, ROF 1, Range —, Ammo —, Weight 90, Cost 160
Note: Must use two hands to wield, attacks made with disadvantage, face-to-face attackers must make DC 10 Dexterity check or take 2d6 damage when taking wielder

A Lucy is any large bludgeoning weapon that has been reinforced with nails, bolts, barbed wire, or other metal to make it particularly brutal. The name was coined by a particularly brilliant, but vicious survivor leader. 
Damage 1d6+1, ROF 1, Range —, Ammo —, Weight 5, Cost Special
Note: Lucies have a base cost of 10, but must be specially crafted. Each one is individualized by its user. Any non-zombie hit by a Lucy, must make a DC 10 saving throw or suffer an additional 1 point of damage on it’s next turn from bleeding.

Makeshift Sword 
Any large blade can be turned into a weapon, be it a paper cutter or a lawnmower blade. They are easier to attain than a traditional sword, but also break down faster.
Damage 1d6+1, ROF 1, Range —, Ammo —, Weight 5, Cost 10
Note: Unlike other swords, these have a usage die (which starts at d10).
Potato Cannon/Spud Gun
These simple ballistic weapons can be created from a variety of pipes and either pneumatic force of flamable gas. Unlike most firearms, ammunition for a potato cannon is whatever you put in it.
Damage 1d6, ROF 1, Range 500, Ammo —, Weight 5, Cost -