Tuesday, June 18, 2019

SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City RPG 2 Book Quickstarter

A new Vigilante City Kickstarter is live. There are some wonderful levels and if you missed out on the first Kickstarter you can catch up and get all of the books in the higher Kickstarter print quality. The project is only going on for two weeks, so don't miss out.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Ash Wednesday - Art Break with Simple Interesting Visions

I don't have any new stats for this week, but I do have something Evil Dead related. Check out this amazing painting I bought from my friend Travis of Simple Interesting Visions.  If you want some stats related to this I've already posted about Mia and The Taker of Souls.

I've featured other SIV artwork before. You can see the piece I commissioned based on a memorable moment from my Dark Places & Demogorgons campaign here. Simple Interesting Visions is on Facebook and Instagram.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Cosmic Princess and the Resplendent Sector

I know several folks that were disappointed by the April Fool's (fake) announcement of a She-Ra tabletop rpg. I know Josh was. So he decided to do something about it.

You can download the Cosmic Mysteries - Cosmic Princess and the Resplendent Sector today for just 1.99.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Music Monday - Diggy Diggy Hole

Last week I discovered that the band Wind Rose released a melodic metal cover of Yogcast's Diggy Diggy Hole. I love Diggy Diggy Hole and shared it on this blog when I first discovered it back in 2014.

In my games Diggy Diggy Hole is a dwarven work song that all dwarves are taught as children. It is sung by miners across the Realms. If a group of three or more dwarves sing it in unison they gain advantage on saving throws to resist Exhaustion related to labor.

Brassman's Adventure Club - May 2019

I feel I should start by saying I was given a review copy of this month's DM's Toybox tier of Brassman Foundry's Adventure Club subscription service. I also would like to point out I tried recording and uploading an unboxing video on YouTube and after multiple attempts I got frustrated and decided to just take some pictures...

The box itself is sturdy cardboard and should protect the contents while in transit and give you a place to store everything.

The primary focus of the adventure box is an adventure booklet and DM tool booklet. This month has a yaun-ti focused jungle excursion (which is designed to be played in 3-6 sessions) and a booklet 10 short encounters that should take about two hours each. 

The box also includes three maps. The particular one has a regional map, as well as temple dungeon and town mpa.

These encounter cards sum up several encounters from both books nicely. Definitely a useful tool.

These acrylic miniatures are fantastic! They look really cool and give you the main foes you need for the adventure book. I wish the bases were different sizes, but otherwise they're perfect. 

These coasters are really cool. They have all of the 5e conditions. Instead of having to jump the index of the PHB to know what grappled does, you can just look under your drink.

Several d6's from Skullsplitter were included. 

Finally this is probably my favorite addition included in the box. These buttons are basically D&D merit badges that are tied to the adventure. I think this is a cool way to make sessions more memorable. It honestly makes me want to get a button maker and start doing these with my regular games.

Okay, so at this point you're probably wondering how much this service is going to cost  you. Well if you go for the top tier DM's Toybox, which is what I've shared with you in this post its going to cost you 36 dollars a month. I really this box and have decided to subscribe myself. If you don't want to jump in at that amount, there are several different levels including one that's only six bucks and gives you pdfs of the two books featured in the box. Check out the Adventure Club today and consider subscribing. 

The Head Hunter (2018)

Synopsis: A grim medieval warrior acts as a monster hunter, mounting the heads of slain creatures on his wall. The only monster to ever escape him is the one that killed his daughter. Will he find peace when he kills the beast, or does fate have something more sinister in mind?

The Good: This movie is absolutely fantastic and I feel confident with the following clickbait phrase: this is the best new horror flick that no one is talking about. It's easy to tell the film had an extremely small budget, but because of the masterful use of shots and darkness, that actually adds to the suspense and atmosphere. A majority of the shots involve the protagonist at his home doing his daily rituals which include talking to his daughter at her grave or recovering from his wounds. The shots that don't take place there often see him in nature. For the most part we only see the heads of the creatures he fights. Honestly the focus on the way vengeance has consumed the warrior and the toll it's taken on him is what really makes the film engaging and different.

The Bad: While I thought the film was damn near perfect, I'm sure some folks are not going to like the ending.

Final Thoughts: This movie is a horrific version of Skyrim with a dash of the Witcher. It's one of the best dark fantasy movies I've seen in a long time and the best period horror piece I've seen. If you're a gamer, you should definitely check this one out.

In Your Game: The protagonist is a Blackest of Deaths character with an axe to grind against the monsters of the world. However, instead of statting him as a pc, I'll give you "monster" stats for him that allow him to serve your players' party as an ally.

The Head Hunter
Driven to a life of vengeance by the death of his daughter, he hunts monsters for the king. His nickname was earned because of his gruesome habit of taking trophies.
HP: 25
Evade: 15
Armor Point:4
Bonus: +4 to Attack, +4 to Damage
Attack: Long Sword (1d6)
Special: Can use Smite as Monster Hunter, knowledge of alchemy (can create healing salve)