Saturday, February 17, 2018

Light City - Captian Boomerang (DCEU Version)

I really wanted to stat out Captain Boomerang for Light City. Currently the only version of the Marksmen class that's available is in Light City: The Assembly! and it just goes to third level. For this reason I decided to state the DCEU version of Digger, because he's not as experienced as the comic book Captain Boomerang.

Captain Boomerang
Level 3 Marksman
Real Name: George "Digger" Harkness
First Appearance: Suicide Squad 2016
Str 14            Int 12
Dex 18 (+1)  Wis 11
Con 13          Cha 12
3 HD (12 HP) Save: 13 Movement: 12
AC 8 [11] (Dexterity)
Attacks: Boomerang (+3 to hit, 1d6 damage) or Boomerang (+4 to hit, 1d6+1 damage, medium range)
Trick Missiles: Camera, Grappling Hook, Stun
Equipment: Two Boomerangs, Pinky (Stuffed Pink Unicorn)

Gerard Way's Batman and Joker

Comic writer and musician, Gerard Way has designed two statues for DC's Batman: Black and White series. I have to say that I really want both. I'll be honest, I'm a Gerard fanboy. I love MCR and his Umbrella Academy and Killjoys comics were pretty damn amazing. Unfortunately I've not read his Doom Patrol run.

Check out these Batman and Joker statues.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Kool-Aid Man for Crimson Dragon Slayer

I can honestly say I don't know what possessed me to do this post, but I don't regret it.

The Kool-Aid Man

No one is sure what sort of mad titan created the infamous wall-breaker, but those that know of the being known as the Kool-Aid man fear him and his sugary power (especially if they happen to be diabetic). Despite having a body made of glass, he is extremely durable and can shrug off many physical attacks. He is truly a terror... though he's still not as terrifying as Fizzy Pop's The Grapist.

Health:45 Armor: 5 Attack: 3d6

Special: Anyone drinking the sugary blood of the fallen Kool-Aid man regains all Health and use of their class abilities.

Legends of Light City #1 Available Now

Legends of Light City is a new series for Light City that I'll be doing. They are heroes that can be used in your LC games. They're also designed to be used as pre-made pc's.

You can download Legends of Light City #1 here. It's pay what you want.

As a bonus I present you with Lion-Man's archnemsis, Red Lash!

Red Lash

James "Congo" Smith was whip-cracking guide of dubious nature that hired himself out to African hunting expeditions. He had no loyalty to any nation and was recruited by the Soviets to help there superhuman strikeforce enter Challia. When the battle started Smith found himself sounded by a pride of lines summoned by Koroo. The creatures mauled him mercilessly and destroyed his hands. He would have perished if not for the intervention of one of the Soviet scientists. He was taken back to the USSR and given an experimental super soldier serum and insanely strong metal whips to replace his lost hands. Dubbing himself Red Lash, Smith has vowed to see Challia exploited and Lion-Man and Koroo dead at his feet.

Real Name: James "Congo" Smith
First Appearance: Adventures Into the Unknown #11 (June 1950)
AC 7 [12]      HD: 6 (35 HP)    Attacks: Red Lashes X 2 (+4 to hit, 1d6 damage, 10' range) Move: 12

While alive Red Lash will regenerate 1 HP every round.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Black Panther!

Black Panther comes out tomorrow. I have plans to see it this weekend with my lovely lady. If you watch the flick let me know what you think in the comments.

If you'd like to add Black Panther to your Light City game, I gave him stats in this post using +Jonathan Linneman's great brawler class.Also as I've mentioned before in my version of Light City he's a foe of Doom Fist and a descendant of Prince Mamuwalde.

I have a new release coming out tomorrow that's my Light City tribute to Black Panther.

Thor vs. Wonder Woman (With Light City Mjolnir Stats)

I really like all of the fan films I've been finding recently and want to share them. Still I don't want to post just videos and such so taking a cue from +Red Flanagan and his blog, Blood, Death, Satan and Metal, I'm going to include some sort of gaming material with the posts. I went back and retroactively added gaming content to the video posts I made the past few weeks. 

I think the video does a nice job of showing what it's like to be a bystander in a comic book universe. Now on to the game stats.

Mjolnir - The chosen weapon Thor Odinson, Mjolnir is an artifact level version of a Thunder Weapon (see Light City: The Assembly). This hammer may only be wielded by those it deems worthy. It provides a +1 bonus to hit rolls and can be swung or thrown (medium range) for 2d6 damage. If thrown it will return to its owner. The were may control storms and fire lightning bolts from it 2/day (treat as Magic Missile). In addition they gain a fly speed equal to twice their normal speed.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Ash Wednesday - Deadites for Crimson Dragon Slayer

+Venger Satanis saw my Swords & Wizardry Light/Light City Deadite post and thought Crimson Dragon Slayer could use some too. I whole heartedly agree!

Side note, if you haven't checked out CDS, you can do that for free by going here. It's good stuff.

Health: 25 Armor: 2 Attack: 2d6

Special: Deadites don't' necessarily kick the bucket when reduced to 0 health. They only way to kill them is to burn or dismember them. If these things do not happen, the deadite will come back with full hit points in 30 minutes (or whenever the Dragon Master wants). Anyone bitten or clawed by a Deadite has a 50% chance of being possessed by a deadite. If the infected area is severed or cut away within a minute, the possession is stopped... though you know you still might die from all the fucking blood loss. If this doesn't happen, you're pretty much screwed and will become a deadite (hope you know what you want your next character to be). While it is possible to exorcise a deadite from a mortal, it is extremely difficult (you know unless you buy Dragon Master some good booze or pizza). .