Friday, April 29, 2016

He Never Died - Jack

He Never Died (2015) is a drama/thriller or comedic horror (depending on who you're talking to) film starring the always entertaining, Henry Rollins. Rollins plays Jack, an immortal, cannibalistic loner who lives a simple life and avoids others to protect them (and himself).

I loved this movie. It's currently on Netflix and you should all watch it. I don't want to spoil what/who Jack is, but if you highlight the red area beside his name, it will tell you who he really is.

I decided that I wanted to stat him for Cinematic Unisystem using the Angel core book. It seems like a good fit. He's totally not balanced as a cast member, but that's how I statted him out anyway. I did a lot of guess work with his skills.

Jack (Cain)
(Very Experienced) Veteran
Life Points: 89
Drama Points: 10

Strength: 7
Constitution: 9
Intelligence: 4
Perception: 5
Willpower: 5

Qualities: +47
Age 5 (+10) - Though if he's the Biblical Cain this should be Age 600
Fast Reaction Time (+2)
Hard to Kill 5 (+5)
Immortal (+6)
Natural Toughness (+2)
Nerves of Steel (+3)
Regeneration (+6)
Resources: Rich (+4)
Situational Awareness (+2)
Supernatural Senses: Sin (+2)
Unique Kill: Unknown (+5)

Drawbacks: -12
Addiction: Cannibalism (-6)
Antisocial Impulses: Violence (-4)
Humorless (-1)
Recurring Nightmares (-1)

Art 3
Crime 5
Doctor 3
Getting Medieval 5
Gun Fu 5
Knowledge 5
Kung Fu 5
Languages (*)
Mr. Fix It 4
Notice 4
Occultism 3
Science 3
Sports 4

Maneuvers:          Bonus     Damage           Notes
Dodge                       10           None        Avoid getting hit; -2 against ranged,; p. 121
Punch                        10           14            Bash damage; -2 against ranged,; p. 123

*I have no idea how many languages Jack speaks, but considering how long he's been around, it's a lot.

Y is for Yellow Wine

"Have you drank the yellow wine?"
-Cade Ashworthy

Yellow Wine
Potion, rare, cursed

This insidious wine was created by worshipers of Hastur, the King in Yellow. Popular among bohemians, artists, writers, and other creative types, the cursed wine makes one more susceptible to call of Hastur and fills the drinker with dreams of lost Carcosa. A medium strength alcohol, the Constitution saving throw DC to avoid getting drunk after a mug of this is 15.

Curse: You have disadvantage when making wisdom saving throws for spells cast by worshipers of Hastur.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

X is for Xaositect's Delight

"I love Limbo. Some see it as a plane of pure chaos. I see it as a plane of pure fun. Yeah, it's dangerous, but those with strong wills can shape it. Also, without Limbo, we wouldn't have Xaosetic Delight. I made have had a hand it its creation."

-Cade Ashworthy

Xoasitect's Delight

Created from rare collaboration between two chaotic wizards (one a member of the Xaositect, the other the Society of Sensation). This brew is created from essence of Limbo. Every time you take a drink of Xaositect's Delight it changes to a different alcohol (use the chart below)

Drink Result (1d100)*

  1. Bad Beer spills from the glass and grows
  2. Rotgut
  3. Beer (weak)
  4. Table Wine (weak)
  5. Reisling (weak)
  6. Mead (weak)
  7. Vodka (weak)
  8. Cranium Rat Juice
  9. Single Malt Scotch (medium)
  10. Sangria (weak)
  11. Wheat Beer (medium)
  12. Pale Lager (medium)
  13. Gnomish Peppermint Schnapps (weak)
  14. Janni Arak
  15. Apple Pie Mead (weak)
  16. Plum Wine (weak)
  17. Cordial (weak)
  18. Whiskey (weak)
  19. Cherry Schnapps (weak)
  20. Bourbon (strong)
  21. Merlot (weak)
  22. Moonshine (strong)
  23. Ice Wine
  24. Jalapeno Vodka (strong)
  25. Coffee Liqueur (weak)
  26. Lurien Lager
  27. Dwarven Whiskey (strong)
  28. Vinegary Wine (weak)
  29. Kobold Firewater
  30. Champagne (weak)
  31. Rum (medium)
  32. Pinot Noir (weak)
  33. Vodka (medium)
  34. Moscato (weak)
  35. Barleywine (medium)
  36. Gin (medium)
  37. Rye Whiskey (medium)
  38. Mead (medium)
  39. Cream Liqueur (weak)
  40. Apple Cider (medium)
  41. Chardonnay (weak)
  42. Lager (medium)
  43. Dwarven Stout (strong)
  44. White Zinfandel (weak)
  45. Absinthe (strong)
  46. Mimosa
  47. Applejack (weak)
  48. Bock (medium)
  49. Cinnamon Schnapps (weak)
  50. Tequila (strong)
  51. Bitter Ale (medium)
  52. Brandy (weak)
  53. Norker Rage
  54. Fruit Beer (weak)
  55. Pale Ale (medium)
  56. Baiju (medium)
  57. Drow Spiderblood Wine (strong)
  58. Sake (medium)
  59. Butterscotch Schnapps (weak)
  60. Gin (weak)
  61. Pinot Grigio (weak)
  62. Porter (medium)
  63. Ginger Ale (weak)
  64. Tiefling Sangria (medium)
  65. Grog
  66. Cognac (medium)
  67. Elven Feywine (strong)
  68. Vanilla Schnapps (weak)
  69. Cask Ale (medium)
  70. Cabernet sauvignon (weak)
  71. Vermouth (weak)
  72. Orcish Kumis
  73. Vodka (strong)
  74. Sambuca (strong)
  75. Apple Cider (weak)
  76. Mezcal (medium)
  77. Dark Ale (medium)
  78. Peach Schnapps (weak)
  79. Kefir (weak)
  80. Goblin Grog (weak)
  81. White Lightning
  82. Sour Apple Schnapps (weak)
  83. Beer (medium)
  84. Pear Brandy (weak)
  85. Sake (strong)
  86. Sherry (weak)
  87. Gruumsha
  88. Dragonborn Vodka (strong)
  89. Shiraz (weak)
  90. Spiced Rum (medium)
  91. Captain's Friend
  92. Sparkling Wine (weak)
  93. Dwarven Stout (strong)
  94. Pilsener (weak)
  95. Umbral Blot
  96. Strawberry Wine (weak)
  97. Tequila (medium)
  98. Gorgondy (medium)
  99. Ginger Beer (medium)
  100. Elven Absinthe
*Consult this post for further description of alcohol strength.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Plane Shift: Zendikar

Well it's only taken them about 20 years, but Wizards of the Coast finally mixed their peanut butter and chocolate. Released today, Plane Shift: Zendikar is a free 5E setting pdf based on the Magic: The Gathering world of Zendikar.

Cross promoting with their new book The Art of Magic: The Gathering: Zendikar, this full color 38 page pdf includes setting and adventure ideas. The book also includes six races, 3 new monsters, and many pages devoted to reskinning Monster Manual monsters and making them fit into Zendikar (including traits to turn monsters into the dreaded Eldrazi).

The races in the pdf are:

Human: identical to standard PHB humans
Kor: orderly human-like creatures blessed with luck and athleticism
Merfolk: The merfolk of Zendikar are amphibious humanoids, each merfolk adult chooses a creed (which acts as a subrace)
Vampire: The vampire or Zendikar are a cursed race of blood drinkers, but they are not undead
Goblin: the goblins of Zendikar are small, inquisitive, and adaptable, they have several tribes (subraces)
Elves: while the elves are Zendikar are similar to standard D&D elves, they do have some differences, in addition they have three separate nations (equivalent of subraces)
Zendikar is a realm of floating islands and mysterious ruins.
Humans, Kor, Merfolk, and Vampires uniting to fight the Eldrazi

W is for White Lightning

"I know they call it white lightning, but this good 'ol boy took it literally. The stuff packs a kick... and I like it."
-Cade Ashworthy

White Lightning
Uncommon, potion

Created by Mad Mose of the Shudder Mountains, White Lightning is distilled corn alcohol combined with elemental essence. The strong (DC 20 constitution saving throw to avoid intoxication) whiskey has both offensive and defensive capabilities. Anyone drinking white lightning will feels a tingling sensation running through their bodies and has their hair stand on end. In addition, they gain resistance to lightning damage for one hour. In a pinch it can also be used as weapon. As an action, you can throw the vial up to 20 feet, shattering it on impact. Make a ranged attack against a target creature, treating the white lightning as an improvised weapon. White lightning does 2d6 lightning damage.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

V is for Vampire Slayer

"I don't know what hunter came up with this one, but it's brilliant."
-Cade Ashworthy

Vampire Slayer
Potion, rare, cursed

This enchanted blood wine was created recently by a group of vampire hunters. Made from blood freely given by saints and celestials it is the bane of the undead. While it appears to be enchanted much like a traditional pale ale, Vampire Slayer is actually infused with positive energy and masked with enchantment magic. Any undead creature drinking vampire slayer must make a DC 20 constitution saving throw or take 6d6 radiant damage (half on a successful save).

Curse: Vampire Slayer looks, smells, and tastes like an especially delicious blood wine made from a rare blood type.

Monday, April 25, 2016

U is for Umbral Blot

"The shadar-kai are an odd lot. Their numbing existence in the Shadowfell has caused many of them to seek extreme experiences just to feel something. Take their favored brew, Umbral Blot, for example. The magically infused booze isn't for lightweights."

-Cade Ashworthy

Umbral Blot
Rare, potion

Umbral Blot is a strong alcohol made from various shadowfell mushrooms and laced with living shadowstuff. Characters under the affects of Umbral Blot tend to be reckless, gaining disadvantage on Wisdom saving throws. However, the shadowstuff also temporarily transforms their very being, making them more shadow-like. Drinkers gain advantage to stealth ability checks. A strong drink the Constitution saving throw DC to avoid intoxication from Umbral Blot is 20. The effects of Umbral Blot last until the drinker takes a long rest.