Thursday, June 30, 2016

Darkest Dungeon - The Leper

I've recently had a lot of interest in Darkest Dungeon. While I've not heard the best things about the gameplay (check out David at Points of Light had to say about it here), I absolutely love the Mike Mignola-esque art style. I think the Leper is my favorite. I might play some sort of warrior leper in a future game.

Witch-Hunts and Violent Mobs

This variant cover with Nightcrawler promoting Marvel's Death of X event has me thinking:

Have you included witch-hunts and violent mobs of torch and pitchfork bearing peasants in your games?

I can honestly say that I've never really had either occur in my games. This might be because my games tend to be more high fantasy, but I'm not sure.

I'm currently running Curst of Strahd, so I think this will change soon, but it was an interesting revelation. 

Tell me about your heathen slayers, violent rabble, and inquisitions. 

BTW, if you're using Swords and Wizardry (Complete) you should check out this free Witchfinder class created by +MonkeyBlood Design (Glynn Seal).

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Sword is OSR

Yesterday I was talking about my DCC Youtube playlist on Facebook and posted a video by The Sword. They just have a 70's fantasy vibe that's great. I have at least one post on here inspired by them. I think +Timothy Brannan said it best, "The Sword is OSR."

These are my favorites. I also love How Heavy This Axe, Winter's Wolves,  Arcane Montane, Eyes of the Stormwitch, Freya, and The Hidden Masters. Honestly, it's all great. So what do you think? Do you have a favorite? Or can you think of another "OSR" band?

Monday, June 27, 2016

Monstrous Monday: Scabbed-Wing Angels

"He's the angel with the scabbed wings. Hard-drug face, want to powder his nose. He will deflower the freshest crop. Dry up all the wombs with his rock and roll sores."

Marilyn Manson - Angel with the Scabbed Wings

Sometimes the divine servants of law get a taste of mortal pleasure. Most that do, repent of their worldly indiscretions and return to the Heavens. However, a few forsake their holy nature and choose to remain on the material plane. These angels, sacrifice their divinity and quickly find that their wings rot off, leaving perpetually painful wounds. The angels, now known as scabbed-winged angels, medicate this pain with excess, whether it be sex, drugs, food, alcohol, or some other vice entirely. 

Each scabbed-wing angel is different, consider this a base template to work from.

Scabbed-Wing Angel 
Init +6; Atk Draining Touch +8 Weapon +6  (Damage Varies) 
AC 14; HD 6d12; MV 60’; Act 2d20; SP:   Infravision, Telepathy, Immune to weapons of less than +2 and natural attacks from creatures 5 HD or less, half damage from fire, acid, cold, electricity, and gas, Scabbed Wings (see below),  Always Unholy (see below) SV Fort +10, Ref +8, Will +6; AL Neutral or Chaotic

Scabbed Wings - The angel may disturb their scabbed wings. They then inflict 1d6 damage to themselves, but gain The affects are unpredictable, but always beneficial to the angel.
d5   Result
1 - Blood Seeks Blood: A tendril of blood shoots forth from the angel's wound towards the nearest enemy. They must make a DC 14 Reflex save or take 1d4 damage and an addition 1d2 every round afterwards as their blood seeks to leave the body and join the angel. A creature can take a round to bandage the wound to prevent any additional bleed damage. Receiving magical healing will also end this effect.
2 - Powder His Nose - All creatures (other than the angel)  within 30' feet must make a DC 14 Fortitude save or be dazed for 1d4 rounds.
3 - Deflower the Freshest Crop - For the next hour, the angel deals an extra 1d8 on all melee attacks the first time it hits a creature. 
4 - Rock and Roll Sores - Until the end of combat, if a creature strikes the angel with a melee attack they must make a DC 14 Reflex save or take 1d6 Acid damage.
5 - Scab Armor - For the rest of the encounter the angel gains an additional 1d4 bonus to its AC.

Always Unholy-  Scabbed-Wing Angels do not fit in any paradigm and are always considered un-holy for the purpose of clerical turning.

June Mythoard

My June Mythoard has arrived! I think the stand out products of this hoard are the Far Away Land quickstart, sticker, and The Eye of Malas mini adventure. I've had an interest in the Adventure Time-esque rpg for a bit, but hadn't got around to checking it out.
Interested in Far Away Land? You can download the quickstart pdf here for free. You can also download several adventures here.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Succubus Sunday - Lilith as a DCC Patron (Part I)

Alright, ladies, gents, and other sentients, the next few Succubus Sundays are going to be a little different. Inspired by my excitement for Mutant Crawl Classics, I've decided to make one of my Dungeon Crawl Classics dreams a reality. Over the new several Sundays I'm going to be turning Lilith into a DCC Patron, complete with spells and everything.

Next week I'll do a write up of her background. Followed by the Invoke Patron table, Patron Taint table, and finally some new patron specific spells.

I'm going to use Cradle of Filth's Lilith Immaculate as my chief inspiration. I know the song isn't for all folks, but I like it and love the lyrics. which can be read here.

Friday, June 24, 2016

The Time of Atom is Upon Us

It's finally happened.
Did you see it?
The Mutant Crawl Classics kickstarter is live and funded in less than 10 hours!

It's time to prepare myself, all shiny and chrome.
Mutant Crawl Classics is a stand-alone expansion for Dungeon Crawl Classics. The hardcover contains everything you need for a complete mutants and magic game. That being said it pairs perfectly with Dungeon Crawl Classics and together they make the most epic game of epicness!

DCC material is fantastic, Goodman Games do great kickstarters, and +Jim Wampler is a great writer (and according to my pal, +David Coppoletti, an amazing GM). Back this one, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.