Thursday, January 19, 2017

Zombie Lord

I found this guy on DeviantArt earlier this week.

Zombie Lord by DaveAllsop
Who do you think he is? Is he a corrupt witch hunter for Lamentations of the Flame Princess or an undead Puritan for Ash to find in the Army of Darkness RPG? Or is he something else entirely?

Leave a comment with a sentence or two about who you think he is. I'll take my favourite (or favourites), flesh them out, and give them stats for everyone to use.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Herbert West, Re-Animator (LofFP)

This is my OSR version of Dr. Herbert West. I was definitely more inspired by the films than the original short story. This is basically Jeffrey Combs portrayal of West, but set in the early modern era of Lamentations of the Flame Princess.

Herbert West, Re-Animator

Armor: 12,  HP: 30, Specialist 8, Movement 120', 1 scalpel (1d4) or syringe (1 plus + Re-Animation Serum) attack, Morale 8

Skills: Architecture 2, Bushcraft 2, Climb 1, Languages 3, Search 6, Sleight of Hand 2, Sneak Attack 2, Stealth 2, Tinker 6

Special Items: 
Re-Animation Serum - This glowing green fluid is the culmination of West's lifework. It will re-animate corpses, giving them the semblance of life. The intelligence and demeanor of the corpse will be greatly affected by it's freshness. However, the serum tends to be a death sentence to the living. If injected with the serum a person must make a Poison saving throw. Failure means they die in 1d6 rounds unless they are the recipient of a Cure Disease, though Delay Poison will allow another saving throw.

Armor: 12,  HP: 20, Movement 100'1 bash (1d4) or weapon attack , Morale 12

Fresh corpses (dead for less than a month) make more lifelike and intelligent re-animated. While they share many qualities of the undead, due to their scientific origin they are not undead and are unaffected by Turn Undead spell. They are nearly unstoppable as well, a re-animated reduced to 0 HP is momentarily disabled (for 1d10 rounds at which point it gains that many hit points). To truly defeat a re-animated you must dismember them or dispose of their bodies in some other way.

Ash Wednesday - Evie Barret (Stan Against Evil)

Evie Barret
Life Points: 49
Drama Points: 10

Strength: 3
Dexterity: 4
Constitution: 3
Intelligence: 3
Perception: 4
Willpower: 4

Cop  (+5)
Fast Reaction Time (+2)
Hard to Kill 5 (+5)
Nerves of Steel (+3)
Situational Awareness (+2)
Status 3 (Current Willards Mill Sheriff) (+2)

Adversary 3 (Witches of Williards Mill) (-3)
Dependent (daughter) (-2)
Computers 2
Crime 3
Doctor 1
Driving/Riding 3
Getting Medieval 3 
Gun Fu 4
Influence 3
Knowledge 1
Kung Fu 2
Mr. Fix-It 2
Notice 2
Occultism 2

Maneuvers:          Bonus     Damage           Notes
Dodge                         7            None        Avoid getting hit; -2 against ranged,; p. 89
Pistol                          7             12           Bullet

Monday, January 16, 2017

King Arthur Pendragon 1st Edition

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that King Arthur Pendragon: 1st Edition is free on OneBookShelf until the end of the month. I never played Pendragon but I have several books (from various editions) and it always seemed like an interesting game to me. What's your experience with the game? 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Succubus Sunday - Swords & Wizardry (Third Printing)

I really like the newest printing of Swords & Wizardry. I've seen some grief directed at the cover. Personally, I really like the piece though for me it seems like it would be better suited for a witch themed book. That being said, I wasn't a giant fan of the last cover. That discussion is not why you're here though. You want succubus artwork, right? Well, you're in luck because the new printing has new succubus art.

Succubus by +Gennifer Bone 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

High School of the Dead - Takashi Komuro (AFMBE)

I really like High School of the Dead. Considering how over the top the fan service is in the series is, it's not a source of pride, but overall I still think it's a good zombie series. I'm going to stat out some of the characters (mainly because I think it's fun). I'll start with my favourite, Takashi.

Takashi Komuro
Type: Survivor

Strength 4  Intelligence 2
Dexterity 5  Perception 3
Constitution 3  Willpower 3

Life Points 53  Speed 16
Endurance Points 35 Essence Pool 20

Qualities: Attractiveness 2, Fast Reaction Time, Hard to Kill 5,  Nerves of Steel, Resistance (Fatigue) 2, Situational Awareness

Drawbacks: Honorable 1

Skills: Acrobatics 1, Brawling 2, Climbing 2, Dodge 3, Driving (Motorcycle) 3, First Aid 1, Guns (Handgun) 3, Guns (Rifle) 2, Guns (Shotgun) 2, Intimidation 2, Handweapon (Club) 4,  Notice 2, Sport (Baseball) 3, Streetwise 2, Stealth 2, Swimming 1

The Buried Zikurat

Overview: The Buried Zikurat is the second part of Kevin Watson's Haunting of Hastur series. You can read my thoughts on the first one here. It's for a party of characters level 6-8. It has an implied setting, but is easy to import into any game. A zikarut has been discovered by a clay mining operation and the pc's are hired to investigate.

Layout: Each room of the zikarut is presented in a simple and useful layout like this:

# - Name of Room
Ingress/Egress: how to get in and out of the room and where it leads
Description: Detailed description for the DM.
Players: Descriptions for players:
Lore: History of the room. Not all room descriptions feature this.

Crunchy Bits: 1 new monster (Nexus Guardian), 1 new spell (Destroy Stone), 3 new magic items (Boots of Formene, Cloak of Formene, Ring of Elvenkind)

 Thoughts: This adventure is full of puzzles/riddles.  This is a nice change of pace from most published adventures I see, which are light on encounters like that. However, if those aren't your players' style they can just fight nexus guardians to get past locks.

I like Kevin's take on elves. In particular the Formene's are an interesting version of "dark elves." They live underground, but they are definitely not Lolth-worshiping spider-kissers.

Overall, I think this is a fun adventure with a nice connection to otherworldly horrors. It's got a mythos vibe, but not a beat you over the head with tentacles mythos while you're looting the random dungeon type.