Wednesday, April 23, 2014

T is for Torch Boy

Hirelings, they come in all shapes and varieties. Some don't last long, yet others through cowardice, luck, or sheer will manage to stick around. Guides are needed to trek through wild lands, as are henchman to haul around loot. And let us not forget the humble torchbearer. When you're packing around a broadsword and heavy shield, someone needs to hold the torch (or lightning rod) for you.

(Imitates Arthur from Army of Darkness) T is for Torch Boy!!!!!

Miles Osgood

Miles was once a normal boy. He had loving parents and a normal farm life. This was before his family was brutally killed by werewolves in the service of a vampire noble. He was saved by a member of the Midnight Society (and secretly Sir Wellem).

He spent a few years studying with the society before deciding to hire himself out as a henchman. His fighting abilities are sub par, but he is a repository of monster lore. Despite the misfortune he's suffered, Miles is also a good luck charm (some speculate that he's been blessed by the gods).

Miles Osgood, Torch Boy
Armor Class: 9
Hit Dice: 1
HP: 4
Move: 60' (20')
Attacks: Dagger or Wooden Stake
Damage: 1d4
Save As: Thief 1
Morale: 9
Alignment: Lawful

Allies within 20' receive a +1 bonus on their saving throw roll. In addition, having studied with the Midnight Society has given him extensive monster lore. He knows the weaknesses of lycanthropes, as well as common undead and demons. He has a 15% to know the weakness of a given monster.

S is for Satyr

Satyrs are the life of the party. They are often considered the male equivalent to dryads (or potentially nymphs). Unlike those beauteous fae, they're not particularly pretty. Still they have their charms (literally when you take their pipe ability into account).

Prepare to drink and sing, because S is for Satyr...

Theron of the Clovenflame
"Any festival you can walk way from wasn't worth attending in the first place."

To those that have met him, the satyr reveler Theron is often seen as a force of nature. To be fair to nature, there are natural disasters that are less destructive. The middle age satyr spends his days drinking, playing music, and just generally partying.

Theron is friends with Lem Tealeaf and has been known to adventure alongside is drinking buddy. He is a crack shot with his bow. Those that can keep up with his hedonistic nature can find him to be a loyal (though undependable) ally.

Armor Class: 6
Hit Dice: 3
HP: 15
Move: 120' (40')
Attacks: Horns or Bow
Damage: 1-6 or as bow
Save As: Fighter 3
Morale: 8
Alignment: Neutral

When playing his pipes, Theron can cast Charm Person. He can only attempt this once per day on a person. There is an additional catch, the person must have shared a drink with Theron.

Q and R are for the Rat Queens


There I said it.

I saw this random panel on Tumblr and immediately knew I'd love the series. 
Hands down, it is my favorite comic of the last few years (though I will say that Saga is exceptional too). I've previously mentioned the Queens here. The series is a darkly humorous and violent fantasy series with modern aesthetic.

If you don't mind vulgar language (often of a sexual nature) and drug references mixed with your swords and sorcery, then Rat Queens is the series for you. The first five issues are available int he collection, Sass and Sorcery.

If you want to know more about the Queens then you can preview it here, check out the official Facebook page here, and buy merch here. I wanted to post some crunch about the comic, but I've decided to do it another time. I may even do a Rat Queens week, in which I stat the ladies out in different systems.

I'll leave you with a track released by one of my favorite rappers, Adam WarRock, last week.

Friday, April 18, 2014

P is for Paladin

Next to bards, I feel paladins have the worst rep. However, unlike bards paladins tend to be loathed for their alignment and roleplaying restrictions, not lack of use. Paladins are champions of righteous violence. Many player's don't like having to play lawful good. Further than that I've heard the term "lawful stupid" used quite a bit with paladins. Personally, I find the class interesting. I never got to play one though (I tend to be a part of parties that I would classify as CN).

Sharpen your holy blade and say your prayers, P is for Paladin...

Ser Willem of Langton

Sir Willem's tale is a sad one. A squire in the Midnight Society, Willem was once a noble warrior destined for greatness. During an early mission he was sent out with a few senior brothers to clear out a graveyard infested with zombies. Upon arrive the group quickly realized they'd been misinformed (and were ill prepared). Instead of zombies, a pack of intelligent ghouls  had claimed the cemetery as their own. Willem was paralyzed early in the confrontation and watched helplessly as his brothers and sisters were devoured. Through some miracle (or curse depending on whom you ask), Willem was eventually able to overcome his paralysis and escape. However, his injuries were sever and he passed. The darkness of the ghouls infected him though and instead of passing to the realms of light, he was reborn (or is it unborn) as a ghoul. Instead of being broken by the experience, Willem kept enough of his self to focus his unholy hungers. He still considers himself a warrior of light (cursed as he is) and uses his new form to punish evil and destroy other undead (such as Lydia and Valérie).

Ser Willem
Armor Class: 3
Hit Dice: 5
HP: 40
Move: 90' (30')
Attacks: 2 Claws/1 Bite or Weapon
Damage: 1-3(all) + special or Weapon
Save As: Fighter 5
Morale: 10
Alignment: Neutral

Ser Willem is undead, which grants him immunity to sleep, charm, and hold spells. In addition, he has the paralyzing touch typical of ghouls.

I managed to go the Succubus Sunday post together and scheduled. I'm going out of town in a bit  for a funeral and won't be back on a computer until Tuesday. For this reason Q and R (which will be for Rat Queens) will be late. In addition, I won't have a Mastermind Monday post next week. 

O is for Osteomancer

The Osteomancer is a 3rd era prestige class that appeared in the March 2004 issue of Dragon Magazine. While the idea of a bone mage seems like necromany it's actually a specialized version of transmutation magic. These hearty mages manipulate there core (as they call their skeletons). They can extend and retract bone spurs to create armor or natural weapons.  I never got to play one, but I always loved the idea. It reminded me of Spyke and Marrow from the X-Men.

(insert juvenile quote about boners) because O is for Osteomancer...

Osteomancer by Pyridoxine 
Jack the Osteomancer

The capricious wizard, Jack is a practitioner of the rare school of magic known as Osteomancy. A student of Raid's father, Jack is anything but your typical spellslinger. He travels the world and seeking new transmutation spells. While most view the arcane arts as a mental pursuit, to Jack sees it as a way to hone his body. Jack has been known to teach his unique style of magic to those he deems worthy.

His ultimate goal is to find learn the rarest of osteomancy spells, rumored to allow the caster to telepathically control the skeletons of others.

1st Level Magic-User and Elf Spell
Range: 0
Duration 6 turns
This spell allows the caster to dissolve his bones (which reform after the spell is over). His move becomes 10' (3'), but he can now squeeze through any surface that has at least a diameter of 8 inches. Casting the spell puts quite a bit of strain on the caster and he takes 1 point of Constitution damage (which is healed when takes 8 hours of rest).

Bone Spur
2nd Level Magic-User and Elf Spell
Range 0
Duration: 12 turns

This spell allows the caster to extend his bones out of his hands/feet to create natural weapons. These weapons are considered magical for the purposes of damaging creatures. Casting the spell puts quite a bit of strain on the caster and he takes 1 point of Constitution damage (which is healed when takes 8 hours of rest).

Armored Core
2nd Level Magic-User and Elf Spell
Range: 0
Duration: 6 Turns

This spell allows the caster to turn his skeleton (or core) into armor. During the spells duration the caster is assumed to have an Armor Class of 6 (though this doesn't affect his spell-casting). Casting the spell puts quite a bit of strain on the caster and he takes 1 point of Constitution damage (which is healed when takes 8 hours of rest).

Knit the the Flesh and Set the Bone
3rd Level Magic-User and Elf Spell
Range: 0
Duration: Permanent

This spell is the same as the first level cleric spell Cure Light Wounds. This also heals constitution damage caused by Osteomancy spells (such as Bone Spur).

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Quick Update

I just wanted to post a little heads up to everyone. My posts for the next week or so may be sporadic.  This morning my grandmother passed away. We didn't always see eye to eye on everything, but I loved her dearly and she will be missed.

 Obviously my blog isn't the highest on my list of priorities, but I will try to get posts together and scheduled.