Tuesday, January 22, 2019

DP&D Cryptid Manual - So Close To Hitting The First Stretch Goal....

The Dark Places & Demogorgons Cryptid Manual has been funded and is less than a hundred dollars away from it's first stretch goal. What is this stretch goal? It's a really utilitarian one: a digital manual of animal stats. This is very cool and when combined with the main product, lets you recreate this:
If you don't want to recreate this in your game then I probably don't want to game with you. You can read my review here .

Monday, January 21, 2019

Music Monday - Lone Digger

This video and song are fantastic. The colors are vibrant, it's sexy despite the anthro nature (or because of it if you're weird like me), and the music makes you tap your feat. Btw, that's what lonely digging. It's when your with a group in a place like a club and there's music playing, but you're the only one moving with it.

And now for some material for your game.

Lone Digger

Lone Digger is a unique establishment in Vigilante City. It is an upscale club that caters to and employs anthropomorphs exclusively. The club is full of neon lights, expensive alcohol, and the best anthropomorph go-go dancers and dj's in town. While it's considered neutral ground ,bloodshed does occur. When this happens the establishment isn't held responsible and the deaths are not spoken of to outsiders. For this reason, non-anthropomorphs are rarely allowed into the club.

One constant in the club, is the bouncer and speaker for the club's mysterious patron, the bull anthropomorph, Taurus.

Armor Class: 14                                         Attack Damage: Unarmed 1d6 
Hit Dice: 6                                                   Special: Charge, Grapple
Move: 12                                                     Bonuses: +2 to Hit, +5 to Toughness, +2 to Damage
Attacks: 1 per Round                                  HDE: 6

If he can charge forward in a straight line, Taurus can make a tackle attack. He can move his full movement and make an attack that deals 1d6+2 damage. The target must make a DC 15 Strength check or be knocked down. He is extremely strong and can grapple. He has a +3 to grab and grapple related rolls.

GenCon 2019

I want be able to get my badge until pay day (so next Friday), but I'm officially going to GenCon this year. I've talked with my friends and our hotel room (which is connected to the convention center) has been booked. I've already requested and had my vacation approved for that week.

Despite my anxiety with crowds, I'm really excited! I will finally get to meet the man, the myth, the all around awesome human being, Diogo N.  There are several other folks it would be cool to meet in person that I'm hoping will be there, like Tim from The Other Side. It will also be cool to hop into some DCC games with the Goodman Games crew.

Music Monday - Release the Kraken

Ninja Sex Party is an entertaining duo that's been making music for a while now that I recently discovered. Check out this video for Release the Kraken.

Have you ever used Kraken or other huge sea monsters in your games? If so, how did it go?

Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Flagelante

The art of For Blood & Coin reminds me of the amazing art for the video game, Darkest Dungeon. That's reignited my interest in it. I'm going to create some npcs and other content for White Box/For Blood & Coin based on elements of the game.

The Flagelante
Armor Class: 6 [13]
Hit Dice: 4
Attack: Flail 1d6+1 damage
Special: See Below
Move: 12
HDE: 4/120

This insane religious zealot believes that nearly all mortals are unworthy of the gods, even himself. As such he punishes himself and other sinners. Despite his extreme views, he's quite calculating and while set traps to catch the unworthy. While all attacks can cut, pierce, and bruise his flesh, only those magical in nature actually do HP damage to him. Because of his intense zealotry, he is immune to magical spells that affect the mind and those that cause sleep. Also, because of his beliefs, healing magic has no effect on him. His mission causes him to horde divine magic items. When he finds one of the devout he deems worthy, he will donate items to them and their cause.

Succubus Sunday



Cornboy is a 95 page graphic novel published by Dynamite that was recommended to my by my friend Tony of Super-Fly Comics & Games.

It's a bizarre story. Cornboy's mother was a human and his father was corn. This leads to him having a unique physiology and perspective of life that's quite different from most humans. His home life isn't exactly great. His mother and sister aren't supportive and don't understand his strange ways. He isn't allowed to leave his trailer and is kept hidden from all others.

Things change when custody of Cornboy is signed over to a curious scientist. The scientist does tests on his body to help humanity and Cornboy becomes close to the doctor's ill niece.

The story is strange af. Cornboy has a very alien perspective on things. The humor and references are odd, to say the least. That being said this is actually a really sweet comic. It has some wonderful (and odd) slice of life tales.

This is something I never would have picked up on my own, but I really enjoyed it. Because I wanted to include gaming material in this mini review, I decided to creation Vigilante City stats for Cornboy.

AC: 10                           Attack Damage: By weapon
HD: 2                             Special: Plant Hybrid
Move: 12                       Bonuses: +2 to Toughness
Attacks: 1 per round     HDE: 2

Cornboy gains sustenance like a plant: requiring water and sunlight. Fruits and vegetables grown from his seed (exactly what you think I'm referring too) have amazing healing properties. Eating one heals 1d6 HP. It can also cure disease, clear up one's complexion, and even grant regeneration if eaten for extended period of times.