Friday, October 19, 2018

October Horror Movie Challenge - Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988)

Synopsis: An alien ship resembling a circus tent and field with Killer Klowns begin gathering food from  a nearby town. Lucky for the town they eat cotton candy. Unfortunately, the cotton candy is people!

The Good: The movie is the perfect mix of goofy fun and legit creepiness. While I'm not frightening of clowns in general, I do find the concept creepy. The movies takes that idea and multiplies it by 10. The film has some really funny moments too.

The Bad: While it's well crafted, it's still a B movie and can be pretty cheesy at times. Also, there's implied Klown/human sex. *shudder*

Final Thoughts: This movie scared the shit out of me as a kid. It's the reason I didn't like clowns growing up. As an adult I find it delightfully creepy and I hope that one day the Chiodo Brothers are able to make the sequel.

In Your Game:

Stats for these guys can be found here.

Jojo the Clownzilla
Armor Class: 10          Attack Damage: Slam 1d6
Hit Dice: 10                  Special: Great strength
Move: 15                      Bonus: +4 to hit, Toughness +10, +5 to Damage
Attack: 2 per round      Terror: 15     HDE: 10

Jojo is immensely strong and can lift cars and break through walls.

New To Me Movies Watched: 25
Total Movies Watched: 42

Slashstreet Boys - I'll Kill You That Way

The Slashstreet Boys have a new video!

In case you haven't seen it, here's the first Slashstreet Boys video.

I wanted to take this time to remind everyone of the totally free slasher hack, Slashers & Victims Light, I did for Swords & Wizardry Light. Note the suggested price on the pay what you want S&VL is a joke.

Below you can find some content I created for it:

Reangent and Reanimated (Re-Animator Series)
Boyband Weakness (Slashstreet Boys Parody Video)
Shelley's Mask (Friday the 13th 3D)
Pool Party Killer and weedwacker (Pool Party Massacre)
Loved Ones (The Loved Ones)
Jason Vorhees - Reboot (Friday the 13th 2009)
Buddy Bacon and butcher axe (Slaughterhouse)
Razorback (Razorback)
Giant Killer Rabbit (Night of the Lepus)
Feral Boy (Welp)
Jack Frost (Jack Frost)
Camp Arawak Killer (Sleepaway Camp)
Cannibal Tribesman (Green Inferno)

In addition, my friend Josh over at JB Publishing has created content for it too:
Night Creeper (Uncle Acid)

Thursday, October 18, 2018

October Horror Movie Challenge - C.H.U.D. (1984)

Synopsis: Working on a story about the large colonies of homeless beneath the streets of NYC, photographer George Cooper discovers something is happening to them. He teams up with a reverend, a reporter, and a police officer and discovers the disappearances are caused by cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers. 

The Good: This flick has a pretty memorable cast. My favorite character is the Reverend, played by Daniel Sten. C.H.U.D. is one of those great, up all night horror flicks. It's cheesy and fun. Also, the C.H.U.D.'s themselves are pretty interesting looking.

The Bad: This is not high art. This is a B move through and through.

Final Thoughts: I like this movie a lot. It's not great, but it's fun. Also, John Goodman makes an early film appearance as a cop in this one.

In Your Game:

Armor Class: 14         Attack Damage: Claw 1d6
Hit Dice: 4                  Special: Radioactive
Move: 12                       Bonus: +2 to Hit, Toughness +2, +2 to Damage
Attack: 1 per round    Terror: 14    HDE: 5                 

Because of the radioactive nature of the C.H.U.D. damage dealt by them can only be healed by magic or actual medical treatment (not just first aid). In addition, individuals damaged by a C.H.U.D. may mutate into one themselves (if using Zombies! have players make and Infection saving throw).

New To Me Movies Watched: 25
Total Movies Watched: 41

The Last Alpha Blue Supplement Kickstarter

I feel like I've said something like this a few times now, but Venger's launched a short Kickstarter for The Last Alpha Blue supplement. I know folks that love their sleazy sci-fi are glad that he's found a way to continue to release content.

This Kickstarter is to turn Kobayashi Maroon (which I reviewed here) and a new pdf, Sexual Predators, into a soft cover.

With this Kickstarter you can pledge for pdf copies of Sexual Predators, both Sexual Predators and Kobayashi Maroon, or both and the core rules. No matter what level you back, you get a 4 dollar off discount of the print version of the book these pdfs are being turned in to.

If you like parody and sleaze in your sci-fi games, this is definitely something you should check out.

This predator has some real flair!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

October Horror Movie Challenge - Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Synopsis: A group of survivors seek revenge after the dead begin to stand up, run, and devour the flesh of the living. 

The Good: The cast is rather engaging. This is one that you watch and either really want the characters to make it out or die painfully. I think investment into the characters is important in a flick like this. Who cares about a survivor story if you don't care about the survivors. The film has some great bloody effects and a surprising amount of levity, despite the dark nature of the film. Finally this has one of the greatest zombie openings (once we're introduced to the first zombie).

The Bad: Fast zombies aren't everyone's thing and I understand that.

Final Thoughts: Despite the fact I don't care for fast zombies, this is one of my favorites. It's also Zack Snyder's best work. I can't count the times I've watched this one. Next to Shaun of the Dead and Return of the Living Dead, this is my favorite.

In Your Game:
Kenneth Hall
Class/Level: Survivor 1/ First Responder 4

Str: 16 (+2) 
Int: 11 
Wis: 14 (+1)
Dex: 12 
Con: 16 (+2) 
Cha: 12 
Sur: 12

Critical: 12
Death:  15
Infection: 16
Mental: 13
Poison: 16

Languages: English

AC: 10 /11 (Brawling)
HP: 25
Move: 12

Attack Bonus:
Brawling, +3 to hit, 1d4+3 damage
Six-Shot Revolver, +6 to hit, 2d6+1 damage
Shotgun, +6 to hit, 4d6+3 damage

Basic Athletics 2 (+4/+2) 
Brawling 1
Intimidation 1 (+4)
Investigation 2 (+2)
Ranged Weapons 5 (+5)
Street Smart 1 (+1)

+6 to first aid
Each member of your groups gets 1 additional SUR point when you are present

Equipment: backpack, police bad, six-shot revolver, 18 revolver rounds, shotgun, 12 shells 

New To Me Movies Watched: 25
Total Movies Watched: 40

Ash Wednesday/October Horror Movie Challenge - Evil Dead (2013)

Synopsis: Trying to help their friend detox, a group of young people unwittingly unleash a great evil.

The Good: I think this movie works because it has elements of the original, but ultimately does it's own thing. I enjoyed the actors and the new characters and was a bit surprised by it.

The Bad: This doesn't have the humor of the any of the flicks from Evil Dead 2 and on. Also, unlike the original Evil Dead, this one takes itself very seriously. There are some pretty brutal scenes, a few that make me wince.

Final Thoughts: I've talked about it before, but this movie is very polarizing. Folks tend to love it or hate it. I'm a fan. I'm sad there were no sequels, because I would have loved to see Mia evolve in to a Deadite fighting machine.

In Your Game:

Here are PC stats for Mia (as of the end of the film).

Mia Allen
Class/Level: (Reformed) Party Animal 3

Str: 11 
Int: 12 
Wis: 10
Dex: 17 (+2)
Con: 14 (+1) 
Cha: 16 (+2)
Sur: 12

Courage: 13
Critical: 12
Death:  15
Mental: 13
Poison: 16

Languages: English

AC: 13 (Necklace, Dexterity) 
HP: 12
Move: 12

Attack Bonus:
Chainsaw +0 to hit, 2d6 damage

Art & Music 1 (+1) 
Paranormal 2 (+2)
Persuasion 3(+8)
Street Smart 3 (+5)

Immune to Telepathy, -1 to all interactions with authority figures

Equipment: Bloodstained dress, chainsaw, buckthorn necklace (+1 to AC)

New To Me Movies Watched: 25
Total Movies Watched: 39

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

October Horror Movie Challenge - Trick 'r Treat (2007)

Synopsis: This film is four interwoven stories that take place over the course of Halloween in the fictional town of Warren Valley, Ohio. The stories discuss Halloween traditions and why the should be followed. These rules seem to be enforced by a strange trick-or-treater, Sam.

The Good: This film's non-linear narrative is fantastic. Each story is engaging and contains scares and laughs. The cast is phenomenal and this is the perfect Halloween movie.

The Bad: There is no sequel. That's it. I have nothing bad to say about this movie.

Final Thoughts: I watch this every Halloween. It's just the best. Even if he never speaks, Sam is just such a memorable character. I've been doing an Elf on the Shelf style series with my Sam Funko Pop! figure. You can check it out by following this link.

In Your Game: 

I was going to stat Sam, but he's more of a force of nature than something that needs stats. The School Bus Massacre Children seemed like the next logical choice.
School Bus Massacre Children
Armor Class: 10         Attack Damage: Claw 1d6
Hit Dice: 2                  Special: Staying Power
Move: 9                      Bonus: +1 to Hit, Toughness +2
Attack: 1 per round    Terror: 13    HDE: 3                 

Unless the damage comes from a critical hit, when reduced to less than 1 hit point, these cursed children have a 1-3 chance on a d6 to instead be reduced to 1 HP.  

New To Me Movies Watched: 25
Total Movies Watched: 38