Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Character Creation Challenge - Day 18

Grab your tommy gun and illegal hootch. Today's character was created using Gangbusters B/X Edition.

Name: Dominic "Deuce" Richards
Class/Level: Street Smart 1 
XP: 0 (+5%  bonus)
Alignment: Neutrality
Type:  Troublemaker
Title: Hoodlum

Str 10  
Int 11- can read and write
Wis 10                
Con 11
Dex 15 - +1 to Initiative Adjustment and AC
Cha 13 - +1 Reaction Adjustment, 5 Max # of followers, 8 morale of followers

HD: 1d4
HP: 4 HP
Movement: 12
AC: 11 
Knife - 1d4 damage, can be thrown 10'

Moxie 15
Quickness 16
Toughness 18
Driving 16
Observation 15

When striking unnoticed he gets +4 to hit and inflicts X2 damage
Good At What He Does - Nimble Fingers, Move Silently, Hide, Word on the Streets (discovered on 1 or 2 on 1d6)

$10, hip flask, typical clothes, typical shoes, hat, backpack, lighter, knife

Deuce has spent a life living on the streets. He's not a bad man, but tends to look out for number one. He's picked up a few tricks in his day and has been known to do jobs with private detectives and criminals when it suits him. 

5th Evolution: Carbide City #2 Review

You may have noticed that I like superheroes. You may also have noticed I like Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. But did you noticed that I like when the two are combined? If you are a regular reader, than of course you do. 

Today I wanted to review 5th Evolution: Carbide City #2.  You can read my review of the first issue. To utilize this book properly, you need a copy of it, because not all of the genre rules are repeated. 

The artwork is phenomenal. Clash and her Demo Demonettes (featured in Issue #1) take on the new heroic archetypes. This, like every 5Evo book, is followed by a short comic that sets up the adventure contained within. There's a nice throwback to issue one in the second panel as it features the the villains the heroes faced in the last issue. It also has a cereal box with the unnamed hero that graces its cover. 

The adventure centers around a feral evo, Poe, has been framed. Poe is an ally of the characters and they must clear his name. This brings them into conflict with other evos. If I remember correctly, Poe, is the a character played by author, Andrew Hand.

The following section contains 16 different locales in Carbide City for your players to visit. These range from parks, sports stadiums, to city hall. The locations are given history and game play information, as well as three adventure hooks. In addition, each location has other relevant gaming content. If there's an important npc or henchman/mooks associated with it, they'll be given stats. Some locations also have resources, such as tech and magic items to use. If you backed the first Kickstarter, a lot of this content appeared in one of the stretch goal for Carbide City.

Setting info is followed by new rules. We're give more resource information (as classic 5e money rules aren't used in Carbide City). Advanced Equipment rules are also presented. This section discusses how to make supertech by adding some different tweaks to existing 5e magic items. This is a quick and dirty system, but it absolutely works. 

As mentioned in Carbide City #1, pc's in Carbide City are created using archetypes. These archetypes are classified as Tier 6 in the setting, which are the equivalent of 12th level characters (CR 5). The new archetypes presented are:

  • Aerial - flying warrior, examples: Hawkman, Angel
  • Changeling - shapechanging hero (though limited to humanoid forms), examples: Mystique, Copycot
  • Elementalist - evo with a body made of or potentially coated in powerful energy, example: Static, Ice Man, Human Torch
  • Force Field Fabricator - hero that can create protective invisible wards, example: Invisible Woman
  • Verdent Hero - hero primarily made of plant matter, examples: Swamp Thing and Groot
  • Power Suit Pilot - warrior piloting a suit of power armor, examples: War Machine, Hardware
The new archetypes are followed by optional rules to update the archetypes from Issue #1 to tier 5 (level 20 characters/CR10). There is a short discussion on why this can be fun for a short time, but can be problematic in the long term. 

Evos don't level up in the classic sense, but they do gain advancements (buffs, bonuses, and abilities) when they reach milestones. The original archetypes are given seven new advancements. There are also seven general advancements that can be taken by any hero. Finally Team Advancements are presented. These optional advancements are pretty cool. Instead of taking individual advancements, the super team can decided to take a team one. These allow characters or at least the teammates that decided to contribute new traits and abilities to help their. Think Fastball Special.

If you can't tell, I love this one. The book hasn't been fully released yet. Kickstarter backers have it in pdf form and are still waiting on physical copies. After all backers pledges have been filled, they'll put copies up on their site. Until then, you should pick up the other books in the 5Evo line.

Monday, January 17, 2022

You Can't Housetrain An Eagle, Dude.

I loved James Gunn's The Suicide Squad. I think it was the perfect blend of action, humor, and absurdity. It was also really heartfelt at times and captured the feel of the team (which next to the Titans is my favorite comic book team). I was really excited to see a spin-off series, Peacemaker, was being made. The first three episodes dropped last week and I'm loving it. 

I didn't just want to recommend it without giving you something gaming related, so here are stats for Peacemaker's sidekick, Eagly. 


Small Beast, Chaotic Good

Armor Class: 14 (Dex)

Hit Points: 13 (3d6+3)
Speed: 10 ft., fly 60 ft. 
Challenge: 15

STR:  6 (-2), DEX: 18 (+4), CON: 12 (+1), 
INT: 6 (-2), WIS: 14 (+2), CHA: 10 (+0)

Saving Throws:  Cha +2
Skills: Perception +4
Senses: Passive Perception: 14
Languages: English (understands, but doesn't speak)

Challenge 1/4

Unique  Traits
Keen Eyesight: Eagly has advantage on all Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on sight.

Multiattack: Eagly can make two talon attacks.
Talons: Melee Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 6 (1d4 + 2) slashing damage.


If you have HBOMax, you need to check it out. I mean just check out these opening credits.  

Character Creation Challenge - Day 17

Today's character was created using Whispers In The Dark. There might also be options from Horror In The Windy City used too.

Name: Albert Lane

Level: 1
Background: Professional
Ancestry: Human (common)
Alignment: Neutral Good

Armor Class: 9 
Hit Points: 7
Speed: 30 ft.

Str 11 (+0) Dex 9 (-1) Con 12 (+1) Int 15 (+2) Wis 13 (+1) Cha 14 (+2)

Saving Throws: Int +4 , Wis +3
Max Sanity: 15
Current Sanity: 15 
Skills: Insight +3, Investigation +4, History +4, Persuasion +3, Perception +3 
Proficiencies: Book binding, simple weapons
Feat: Insightful Combatant (use Int, Dex, or Str with Finesse weapons)
Senses: passive Perception 13
Languages: English, Latin, French

Knife: Melee Weapon Attack +4 to hit, range 20/60, Hit: 1d4+2 slashing

Equipment: set of good clothes, book binding and repair tools, thieves tools, ledger, fine pen, knife, $100

Albert Lane is a librarian and occasional book dealer. Originally from the mountains of West Virginia when he realized that the life of a coal miner wasn't for him, especially with his bum left leg. He made his way to Chicago and apprenticed himself to a book dealer. Recent occurrences have reminded him of the spookers and haints that haunted the stories his mamaw would tell him while they huddled around the stove for hit in Winter. 

Music Monday - New 52 Mixtape

Honestly I've probably shared these before, but I don't care because they are good and deserve another listen. About a decade ago Dr. Awkward released his New 52 Mixtape. It was only four tracks, but damn was it good. Check it out.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Character Creation Challenge - Day 16

Today's character is a fresh survivor for SURVIVE THIS!! Zombies!. Based on the background and stats I rolled, I picture him as a retired French chef that recently moved to the US to take up a teaching role at small culinary school.

Corbin Allard 
Class/Level: Survivor 
Background: First time US visitor

Str: 11 (+0)
Int: 11 (+0)
Wis: 15 (+1)
Dex: 9 (+0)
Con: 12 (+0)
Cha: 17 (+2)
Sur: 11

Critical: 9
Death: 11
Infection: 13
Mental: 11
Poison: 10

Language: English

AC: 10/11 (Dex/In Melee)
HP: 7
Move: 12

Attack Damage:
Chef's Knife  +1 to hit, 1d6-1 damage

Cooking 1 (+2)
Dancing 1 (+1)
Persuasion 1 (+3)

+1 to resist Intimidation

$100, chef's knife, messenger bag, passport, personal journal with recipes

Dark Places & Demogorgons Class Compendium Review

SURVIVE THIS!! Dark Places & Demogorgons Class Companion is the latest Kickstarter from my friends at Bloat Games. It launches Tuesday and you can help by going to the above and clicking "Notify on Launch." Eric was cool enough to give pdf previews for reviewers. The book/pdf is massive for a DP&D book, coming in at 212 pages. It is a compilation of every class released for the game thus far. Not only does it bring them all together, it updates and streamlines them, in addition to taking every class to level 10. Early classes only had five levels, so there's a lot of extra goodies. In addition, there are a ten brand new classes! The character creation rules have also been given a handy quick guide. The skill rules have been clarified and updated. All skills from previous releases have been included (including martial arts skills from Martial Arts Mayhem). There is an updated gear list, with  equipment, weapons, and armor. Finally the Otherside is given several rules and charts. 

Being the Class Compendium that is the bulk of the book. Most of the classes fall in the standard class section. There are 53 classes in the basic class section. Eight of ten new all-new classes are here. Of these classes, I think it's pretty obvious the Horror Connoisseur is my favorite, since I used it to stat myself out for the Character Creation Challenge this year. The Sweet Baby is probably my other favorite new class. This class lets you play a kid that's truly wholesome. They are so wholesome that the world doesn't affect them like it does everyone else. Their innocence must be protected. I think this sounds like a really fun class to play. 

Seven magic classes are presented. These are some classic tropes here. White and black witches, nature witch, teen wizard, and voodoo practitioner. Mechano-Mage and Mystical Ghost Hunter also appear for something out of the norm. Twenty familiar options and rules for potions are also included. Finally this section includes 18 new minor spells and 11 major. Some (probably all) have music related names. Of these my favorites are Cherry Bomb, Madhouse, Do You Really Want To Hurt Me, and Under Pressure.

The last class section details Psion Classes. Rules for manifesting psionic abilities are given (with obligatory chart. There eight classes in this section, including two all-new ones. The Animal Wrangler is a new class uses their mind powers to speak to and control animals. The other new class, The Forgotten, has a strange psychic phenomenon that causes others to forget them.

If you play Dark Places & Demogorgons I would say that this and The Cryptid Manual are the first books you need to grab after you pick up the core book. I already own most of the content, but I love having it all streamlined and collected in one place. Plus the new stuff is great too. If I had any critiques its that the layout is kind of boring and artwork isn't too common. However, these aesthetic things don't bug me because this book is more of a tool that something to just sit and flip through. The kind of boring style makes it a lot less distracting and easier to use. Again, if you play DP&D, back this one when it launches.