Thursday, May 26, 2011

Guest Stars - Big Bad Wolf's Derek and Sam

Big Bad Wolf is by no means a great werewolf movie. The effects are cheesey and the werewolf looks Buffy tv series lame. He was evil and had a lot of bad one lines though, so he did entertain me. What made me like the movie was the two main protagonists, Derek (the akward college kid) and Sam (the cute tomboy-ish obvious love interest). The cinematic unisystem write-ups below contain a few spoilers from the ending are based what I pictured happening after the movie.

Name: Derek Cowley
Motivation: Protect Sam and control the beast inside
Critter Type: Werewolf
Attributes: Str 2/6, Dex 4/6, Con 2/4, Int 2, Per 4, Will 2
Ability Scores: Muscle 10/18 , Combat 13/15, Brains 10
Life Points: 41/65 Drama Points: 5
Special Abilities/Qualities: Hard to Kill 5, Good Luck 1
Drawbacks: Werewolf, Misfit, Honorable 1, Love
Name Score Damage Notes
Bite 18 12 Slash/Stab
Claw 18 12 Slash/Stab
Dodge 10 None Defense Action
Grapple 10/18 None Resisted by Dodge

Name: Sam Marche
Motivation: Help Derek find a cure
Critter Type: Human
Attributes: Str 2, Dex 2, Con 3, Int 2, Per 3, Will 4
Ability Scores: Muscle 10, Combat 13, Brains 13
Life Points: 45 Drama Points: 10
Special Abilities/Qualities: Hard to Kill 5, Nerves of Steel, Attractive 1
Drawbacks: Misfit, Love, Honorable 1
Name Score Damage Notes
Dodge 13 None Full Defense
Pistol 13 12 Silver Bullets
Wrench 13 6 Bash


  1. Thanks for the write ups. Now I have to check this out. Just not enough werewolf movies out for my taste.

  2. The movie has some sexual violence, which bothered me, but I did like the fact that the werewolf was total id-in-control. He just wanted to mate and kill.

    My Buffy character in the one cinematic unisystem game I played in was a werewolf. I've always had a thing for them.

    My favorite werewolf movies are Dog Soldiers, the Ginger Snaps movies (and I do plan on statting up Ginger and Bridgette), the original Howling, and An American Werewolf in London. I did like the Underworld movies too I suppose. I've not seen the Wolfman remake, but it's on my list of need to watch flicks.

  3. I really liked Dog Soldiers and Ginger Snaps. Howling and American werewolf in London is great too.

    Underworld lycans would be a great write up.

    I thought the wolfman remake was great. Although a lot of people disagree I loved the cinematography and keeping with the old school film style was great.