Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Turtles in Time - Michelangelo

(The Turtles are on roughly equal footing with a starting character, though they may be a few points over the starting amount.)

Name: Michelangelo
Species: Mutant Animal/Alien
Home Tech Level: 5 - 21st Century
Personal Goal: Have fun
Story Points: 12

Awareness 3   Coordination 5
Ingenuity 3     Presence 4
Resolve 3        Strength 4

Alien,  Brave, Armour (Minor), Environmental (Aquatic), Quick Reflexes, Tough

Alien Appearance (Minor), Code of Conduct (Minor), Impulsive

Athletics 3, Convince (Wisecracks) 3, Craft 3,  Fighting  3, Knowledge 3 (Geeklore), Marksman 2, Subterfuge 4 (Sneaking), Survival 1, Transport 2

Stuff: Twin Nunchaku (Str + 2 Damage)

Michaelangelo is the heart of the Turtles. He is easy-going and free spirited. He is the comic relief of the group, most of the time. He's the youngest of the turtles and while he loves to relax and eat pizza, he's also quite adventurous and creative.

The Turtles origins have always been tied to the Ooze (though Michael Bay's film is supposed to make them aliens). In some versions the Ooze was created on Earth but in a few it is of alien origin. In the 2K3 TMNT cartoon Mikey was shown to be a huge comic book geek. He even created a superhero alter-ego, the Turtle Titan, and teamed up with the premiere supers team on his world, Justice Force. He was also shown to have a special connection with animals. He had a pet kitten and befriend a triceratops when the turtles traveled back to prehistoric time. I'd give him Animal Friendship

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