Sunday, April 14, 2013

L is for Lilith Immaculate

Sorry my post is a day late, I had an unexpected couple of days with an old friend and haven't been on the computer.

Today I wanted to talk about Lilith, though my post will be a bit different than most I suspect. While I can't say that I love everything they do, I consider myself a Cradle of Filth fan. Of their music, one of my favorite songs is Lilith Immaculate. I've posted the video below. The song isn't for everyone and video is definitely not safe for work.

I believe that the version of Lilith mentioned in this song would make a great addition to the World of Darkness. In the World of Darkness Lilith is spirit entity that dwells in either Hell (if you're playing Hunter: The Vigil) or the deep Shadow (Werewolf: The Forsaken). The Hunter version of Lilith is the classic demoness of Hebrew legend. I envision the Werewolf version of Lilith is actually the Maeljin Carnala, Lady of Lust (originally mentioned of page 259 of the core Werewolf book).. No matter which version  you decide to use, a great chronicle could be created centered around Lilith's return to the mortal realm.

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  1. Lilith is one of my favorite characters. She is also one of the few that can, and has, appeared in nearly every game-line I have run.

    Great choice for L!