Sunday, April 21, 2013

R is for Razors

Okay, I'm going to make a confession. Other than the loss of loved ones there are only a few things I'm afraid of. Many people are afraid of things living things like spiders or snakes. Others environmental conditions like darkness or being at a great height. My two fears are of objects. Broken glass and razors cause me great distress. It's something about how they damage. This is the reason I decided to discuss razors. They're so sharp and precise. They cut so cleanly. They can wound you and you may not even know it.

World of Darkness Stats
Razor Blade (modified from Armory)
Razors are small blades honed to incredible sharpness. While they are created for shaving, they make effective tools for assassins and killers. They are unwieldy to use in combat and on a failed attack the wielder drops the weapon. However, they're marvelous tools against those that can't defend themselves.

Razor Blades do -2(L) damage in regular combat. However they do 0 (L) damage to those that can't defend themselves. They are also effective in grapple situations are are considered Size 0 in those situations.

My Friends
"My Friends" are the cursed blades of the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, the infamous Sweeney Todd. They are the weapons used in his quest for revenge.The beautiful silvered razors have been imbued with a malign purpose. Wielders become obsessive with thoughts of revenge. Even small sleights must be avenged in some manner.

They do grant their owner some benefits in his quest for revenge.Being silver they allow their wielder to take advantage of Luna's curse on werewolves. They also give their owner the following specialties Larceny (Concealment) and Weaponry (Razor) and one additional dot in these skills. Also, unlike normal razors, they aren't dropped on a failed Weaponry roll.

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  1. Depp looked so similar to his Edward Scissorhands character in Sweeny Todd.. It was a little confusing to me when I watched it.
    Fun topic for R!

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