Wednesday, April 24, 2013

T is for Thir13en Ghosts

Another typically panned movie, I really liked Thirteen Ghosts. I know it's a remake and a teen scream movie, but it had some things going for it in my eyes. First of all Tony Shalhoub is always great. I'm also a big Mathew Lilliard fan. The movie had great visuals, and as improbable as the house was, it looked amazing. My favorite part of the film though was the The Black Zodiac. Each ghost was interesting looked cool and had a great story (though you had to watch the DVD commentary to get it) I think a person could run a great mortals/Hunter World of Darkness game based around the Black Zodiac.

Today I'm just going to include a list of the ghosts. I think after this challenge is over I'm going to take a few weeks to stat out each member of the zodiac.

  1. The First Born Son
  2. The Torso
  3. The Bound Woman
  4. The Withered Lover
  5. The Torn Prince
  6. The Angry Princess
  7. The Pilgrimess
  8. The Great Child
  9. The Dire Mother
  10. The Hammer
  11. The Jackal
  12. The Juggernaut
  13. The Broken Heart
Sorry I'm running a bit behind. Expect U to be posted before the end of the day.

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