Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ours is the Gaming!

I'm back. I haven't moved into my new place yet, but I have secured an apartment of my own in Bexely. I've been working at Columbus Metropolitan Library for a little over three weeks now and I absolutely love it. Sure it's a big change, but a good one. I haven't gone to spend crazy but I have picked up a few gaming purchases. I've picked up the A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying: A Game of Thrones Edition. I also picked up the non-Westeros specific "monster" pdf Chronicle System: Woodland Creatures.

I wasn't initially a big fan of the novels or series, but they've really grown on me (or stabbed me in the back/poisoned/infected me). The "edition" of the game I purchased is pretty much the same as the original edition rules-wise (though it does have some updated rules). The big change in editions is that my version also includes the quickstart adventure and a longer adventure that was originally seperate.

As far as the game is concerned there are two main books. The first, which is the one I purchased, contains all the rules you need to make characters and run a game. The second book is the A Song of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide, which fully details Westeros and gives stats for all the major and most minor characters. I do want to pick it up, but since I want to do my own thing, it's not a top priority.

Woodlands Creatures, the other book I purchased, is a monster of an entirely different sort. It contains bestiary stats for different types of creatures, from the mundane to the legendary. While again it isn't based in the Westeros setting, there are still things that could be used, especially with the resurgence of magic and things in the setting. There are even new pc options, if you want a character that is an animal trainer. If you plan on running a game using the Chronicle System (which sifrp uses), the pdf is worth the $5.00 price.

Once I get a better feel for the rules and things I'll probably post a review. This is one of those game that has a lot of potential, looks great, but I have a feeling I'll never actually get to run/play.

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