Friday, November 1, 2013

Dirty Scabbard

While surfing Facebook I came across a new Pathfinder publisher, Dirty Scabbard. Their sneak peeks and things made their work sound juvenile and a bit insane, but fun. I signed up for their newsletter because they promised a free pdf copy of their first adventure. Now that I’ve read the first adventure I have to say that my initial thoughts are correct. The adventure feels like something I would’ve ran in high school. It really is quite mad. The last two encounters in particular are nuts. The thing is, despite what I’ve said (or more likely because of what I’ve said), the adventure looks like a lot of fun.

The adventure isn’t for everyone, but hey, if you play Pathfinder (or even if you don’t) what could checking it out hurt? You can check Dirty Scabbard out on Facebook, Twitter, G+, or their website. Sign up for their newsletter and get a free pdf copy of their first adventure.

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