Friday, November 29, 2013

Just a Thought

Well I’ve talked with the folks I’m preparing to DM and instead of Spellcraft and Swordplay or one of the other old school styles and D&D they want to play something newer, like Pathfinder. I’ve got no issue with this and we sat down to make characters. As of now I have a human rogue, a dhampir inquisitor, and a human barbarian (that I will be npc’ing a when the player is busy). They’re really into their character concepts.

 This is fine. I played a lot of 3.0/3.5 and have a descent Pathfinder collection. However, I was looking through all my gaming books I came across all of my 4E stuff. It gets a lot of hate (and if that’s the only reason you’re going to comment just do us both favor and don’t), but I enjoyed it.  This morning I picked up a copy of Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale for 6 bucks (still sealed). I can get several more books through the library (they don’t circ as much).  My two regulars could still make their characters (one being a human rogue and the other using the vampire class or vyrloka). Sure that’s two strikers but the character I have to npc could be a paladin or fighter instead (giving them two strikers and a defender… with a little healing if I go the paly route). They've also played the Ravenloft board game (which I’ve been told is 4E lite).

I haven’t run this idea by them yet, but I think they’d be open to it. I’d probably use the Nentir Vale as the default setting (since I have the Threats book and Hammerfast). I also have the three Goodman Games Punjar adventures and I think I might use them too, placing them to the south of the Vale.  I also have several shorter heroic tier adventures I could add.

Don’t get me wrong, if they want to stick with Pathfinder, I’m totally cool with that. If I stick with Pathfinder, then I’m going to update some basic/osr adventures (like Keep on the Borderlands and Death Frost Doom).

Still, can’t hurt to ask.

Edit: Forgot to mention I have another player that was going to play a Pathfinder witch, I'm sure he can find something to his liking (and he's played 4E quite a bit).

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