Wednesday, December 11, 2013

30 Day D&D Challenge, Day Eight: Favorite Character You Have Played

Day 8- Favorite Character I Have Played

This one is not going to come as a shock to any of my friends. My favorite D&D character that I've played is Ulic Razorwing. Ulic is a second generation D&D character that I played during the 3rd Era. The last time I played him I believe he was an avariel 6th level fighter, 5 level wizard, 5 level bladesinger (Races of Faerun version). He's had many adventures and traveled across Faerun. He's met famous heroes and villains (Drizzt, Wulfgar, and Jarlaxle), and become a hero in his own right. He's not a one track hero either. He can fight with sword, blade, and words. He also understand the value of stealth. 

I love Ulic. I really do. He still lives in my head, even though I don't get to play him (and haven't in years). I even wrote a novella about Ulic (though it's been lost). 

Below are some pictures of Ulic created by my friends. The colored pictures were drawn by my friend Devan and the (mostly) black and white was drawn by my friend Amber (the co-author of the lost stories). 

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