Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Contest

Hey guys, I was looking through my things and I found a sealed copy of the D&D Encounters season "Lost Crown of Neverwinter." This 4E adventure is for 1st level characters and is a tie into the Neverwinter novel and sourcebook. I also found a few other extra 4E things I have left over from when I ran encounters at my old comic/game shop. I thought I'd have a simple little contest as a thank you for reading this blog.

All you have to do to enter is follow me and leave a comment. If you have a blog, go ahead and the url in the comment. I subscribe to many of my followers blogs, but I'm sure there are one or two I'm missing.

The contest will end December 20th. I will randomly select a winner (probably by rolling a die, depending on how many people enter). Also, I'm a broke bastard, so I'm going to limit the contest to people in the States (sorry).


  1. Comment as requested.

    From the fine folk at: http://seaofstarsrpg.wordpress.com/