Monday, January 13, 2014

My Weekend Gaming Haul

 This weekend I spent way too much money on gaming stuff, but I got quite the haul. I hit my favorite local game store, The Guardtower, with the intent on buying a gargantuan skeletal dragon or gargantuan rune giant mini if they had one. No rune giant, but I did pick up the dragon.

He was 40 bucks, but I haven't spent money on minis in a while and I hod no gargantuan ones, so it wasn't hard to talk myself into it. I was getting ready to head to the counter, but decided to check out the clearance section first. Wow, did I find an amazing group of books.

For less than thirty dollars I snagged the following books (all non-used).
Villains and Vigilantes 2.1
Living Legends
Werewolf the Forsaken GM Screen
Invite Only
The Ressurectionists
Aces & Eights Player's Guide
The Rustlers & Townsfolk: Judas Crossing Edition
Doom (Icons Edition)
And the most exciting find of the group... the DCC RPG limited-edition Wizards cover!
I already have a copy of the DDC core book, but a second is always nice (especially the variant cover for just 10 bucks!!!!). I don't know if I'll ever use Living Legends of V&V but they were only a buck a piece and I collect supers games. I don't have the core ICONS book yet, but the Doom book (which was also only a buck) has sparked my interest in the game again. I haven't played Aces & Eights,but I love westerns and they were only 3 dollars a piece. Finally new World of Darkness stuff is always nice, especially since I didn't have a screen before this weekend.
All in all I picked up all the books (and the dragon) for just over 70 dollars. I haven't really splurged like that in a long time.

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