Friday, May 30, 2014

Satan's Banjo

As I've previously mentioned, Goodman Game's The Chained Coffin Kickstarter sounds really cool. I won't talk about what the adventure is about (as I've already done that), just want to mention the status of the Kickstarter and the cool additions.

For pledges of 30 dollars or more the adventure has become a boxed set! You get a foil version of The Chained Coffin (and mini-adventure The Rat King's River of Death), and spinning wheel. In addition, there will be a 24 page Almanac of the Shudder Mountains region. This will include a  patron write-up for Ol' Blackloak (an encounter in the adventure), 7 alternate versions of the Bad Lick Beast (the cool looking critter on the adventure's cover), several pages of additional random encounters that can be used during the adventure,  magic of the region, and a bestiary. You can see an outline of the gazetteer here.

There will also be a 0-level funnel adventure set in the Shudder Mountains and another adventure that will bridge the funnel to The Chained Coffin.

The project has a little of two days left and two stretch goals. The next will add 8 additional pages of content to the gazetteer and the last will add a map (which would be really cool to have).

While it doesn't match the old school artwork of DCC, I think the picture I've included with this post sums up the awesomeness that could happen from taking part in this Appalachian inspired adventure. If you need further persuasion to give this project a look, I think this awesome banjo cover of Slayer's Raining Blood will get you in the proper mindset.

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