Thursday, June 12, 2014

Gaming Update

This past Sunday I was able to roll dice with one of my best friends from high school, Josh. He ran a short Savage Worlds Ghostbusters. The scenario was short and took place circa 1995 in Cincinnati  Ohio (near where Josh lives). It was a lot of fun and we were using it to test out Savage Worlds. Both of us pitched in on the recent East Texas University kickstarter.

The project looks like a lot of fun, but after playing with Savage Worlds, neither of us are thinking its the system we'll use. We're both leaning more towards using classic or cinematic unisystem.

That leads me to the second short game we played Sunday. We kicked off a 1 on 1 Buffy game using the Lair of the Wendigo setting from The Slayer's Guide. The game was fun and I think it will continue to be so. The only issue is that I shoved way too much weird and supernatural into one session. I'm using the Djinn, but instead of replacing elements with Lair of the Wendigo stuff, I just added it. So in his first episode, the character Jack found out he was a totem warrior (which I'm adding more powers to as the series goes on) and faced vampires, wendigo, and fictional characters brought to life. It was a bit crowded.

Finally, Remy, one of the security guards at work (and one of my newest pals) wants to start playing D&D. I talked him into waiting about a month and we're going to give 5th Edition Basic a try. I believe he's going to try to talk his roommates into playing and I'm excited.  I've already got an adventure in mind after watching Grabbers on Netflix last night. If you've not watched the movie, I recommend doing so. To me it felt like an Irish version of Tremors.

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