Sunday, July 6, 2014

Basic and 5E Thoughts/News

You guys haven't been living under rocks (and I mean no offense to my underdark dwelling readers). You know D&D Basic is out You can download the regular and printer friendly version here. Character creation rules and basic play rules. Unfortunately, we don't have monsters yet. If you have the Starter set, then you have some, but the rest of us just have the 1 page monster preview page from the Starter. 

I like what I've read. I see elements of all the editions, plus some new stuff. I'm looking forward to rolling with it. I've read various reviews and I'm pleased. Some people love it. Some people hate it. What I like is that I've read several different reviews that have said, "It's just like ." Ironically these reviews mention different editions. That makes me feel like Wizards did a good job of making 5E it's own game.

I've pre-ordered my copies of the Player's Handbook and the first Tyranny of Dragons adventure. Instead of saving a bit of money on Amazon, I decided to support a great store (that's not my FLG, but one I love). 

If you haven't heard Frog God is releasing 5E material as Necromancer Games. There is a free 5E adventure on their site, The Wizard's Amulet. Some stat info is missing, but it can still be ran. It uses pre-gens, which are tied to the story (something I'm not a huge fan of), but you can easily adapt it to your game. 

Frog God also has a 5E Kickstarter. They're releasing a monster book, book of spells, and a book of adventures. The kickstarter is 60 days instead of the normal 30 and they've admitted that they don't have all the 5E rules yet, nor do they know all details about the gaming licence. I'm not going to touch this one right now, but Necromancer Games has made some of the best monster books (in my opinion) and I'll definitely pick their new one up. I'm going to wait til I get my hands on the PHB before I decide about the spell book. The adventure book is the one that interests me the least, though it has some big names attached. If I have available funds, I may grab it too.

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