Friday, July 18, 2014

The War Mug

A tavern brawler's best friend,  the war mug is essentially a reinforced drinking vessel that can be used in combat with little worry that it will be damaged.

The first war mugs were crafted by clerics of Moradin ages ago. While the stout folk appreciated the mugs, most saw them as novelties at best. Still certain clans have kept the practice of crafting alive to the modern era. Occasionally a mug will find its way into non-dwarven hands. Martial artists of the drunken master style in particular seek them out.

Simple Melee Weapon
Name               Cost          Damage              Weight
War Mug        20 GP    1d4 Bludgeoning   1 lb. (empty)

Diplomat's Friend
Though it looks plain, the Diplomat's Friend is actually a +1 war mug. The original mugs were given to dwarven emissaries as gifts to foreign VIP's. When the command word (the dwarven word for thirst) is spoken the contents of the mug are turned into dwarven ale. This ale must be imbibed immediately or the liquid with transform back into its original state.

Gregor's Cup
This +1 war mug was crafted for a human barbarian by his avariel bladesinger adventure companion this mug was crafted from stone blessed by clerics of Moradin (the barbarian's patron). When used as a weapon this this war mug negates the disadvantage to attack rolls incurred by drinking heavily. In addition an enchantment prevents beverages from ever spilling from the mug, even when it is used as a weapon.

Battle Stein
These +1 war mugs are made of the finest metals and gems. Despite their construction beverages in the stein always taste excellent. Beverages (including potions) in the stein can be imbibed as a free action once per round. The stains have secure lids, to prevent spillage. Unlike normal war mugs, battle steins do 1d6 bludgeoning damage.

Yes the war mug is essentially a club that you can drink out of. It's definitely more flavorful and it allowed me to make some fun magic items, so I don't really care.

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